Orange Date Gluten Free Cake Recipe

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Orange Date Cake is gluten free and sugar free recipe.

Orange Date Gluten Free Cake Recipe
1 cup of dates, pitted
1 orange, unpeeled, cut in quarters and pitted
3 eggs
Blend all of the above.

Now add:
2 teaspoons of NutraSweet or another sweetener specifically for cooking
(use the equivalent of 1 cup of sugar)
200 g of butter / margarine
2 cups of milk
1 rounded teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
1 cup of buckwheat
1 cup of corn flower (maizina)


Pour mixture into microwave cake form with hole in the middle and bake on high for 10 minutes.

Let stand for a few minutes before turning out and when cool, decorate with low fat cream cheese & nuts.

This recipe also makes excellent muffins. If a muffin pan is used, microwave for 6 and a half minutes.

This recipe was contributed via my Form on the Contact page by Liesel Eiselen, South Africa. Thank you for your input, I am sure everyone is appreciating it just as much as I do.