Orchard Road in Singapore: The best shopping place for almost everyone

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Orchard road is probably the first place visited by most people who came to Singapore. It’s a good place for almost all type of activities you want to do during your visit.

Of course, shopping is the main activity people do here. Like most of people said, “shopping at Orchard road is a paradise” – indeed Orchard is the best shopping place in Singapore.

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If you are looking for the latest bag or shoes design from world’s top luxury brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Versace etc. I believe you’ll find it at places like Ngee Ann City or Paragon Shopping Centre here.

Don’t be surprise if you meet gorgeous people from almost all over the world at those shopping malls looking for the trendiest design with good prices.

And, when you are looking for medium or lower prices goods you’ll still find most of the best design, prices, and quality here.

I feel that the goods sold at Orchard road are just different with those sold at neighborhood shopping malls.

Sometimes my friends and I went there for meals, movies, or just walk around along the pedestrian malls to catch on the street performances and cultural events. At the end, we’ll go home with two or three big shopping bags.

Orchard Road in Singapore: The best shopping place for almost everyone

We are not impulsive buyers though. It just that what a waste not to grab good items that come with good prices, right?

By the way, if you’ve not been there for sometimes, you’ll find many changes here.

It’s brighter at night – could be because of the sate-of-the-art new lighting installation.

There are glass art panels fixed along the road side, more flowers and color everywhere, new façade on the existing malls (e.g. Robinson, Paragon), and more underground tunnels connecting the malls making sure that all shoppers are covered from rain and sun.

New mall opening like Ion Orchard has also adding a vibe to the current vibrant environment. Its unique free form design with tree-like columns and cladding like animal skin feeling is a big draw to the passer by.

The Ion Orchard which has 300 retail outlets provides best shopping experience to the shoppers. The Ion could also be the only mall in Singapore offers 5,600 sq ft gallery space exhibiting Asian and Singapore modern and contemporary art and design.

Furthermore, Orchard road will even be brighter when Christmas comes closer. The Christmas glitter is something that we are waiting for to see every year.

It’s a time when almost all shopping malls along the main road adorn with beautiful Christmas decoration and lights.