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Choosing the best womens perfumes is part science and part instinct.

It requires time and comparison to find fragrances and colognes that compliment your own special taste and lifestyle.

Perfumes are the strongest and most costly of all fragrances, but worth every penny if you need a strong, long lasting scent for evening wear.

But if you’re looking for a fragrance that is lighter and less expensive, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and womens colognes are great alternatives.

Although they lack the same lasting strength of perfumes, most eau de parfums can be substituted for evening wear.

Eau de toilette and eau de cologne are better choices for casual wear.

Order your favourite womens perfumes online, save money and time!

But in order to fully enjoy your fine fragrances, storage is very important. Here are some helpful tips:

Store your fine perfumes and colognes in a cool, dry area of bedroom or bath, away from heat and direct sunlight.

This will help retain your fragrances full, delightful aroma.

Some perfumes and colognes come in opaque or colored bottles, which also helps maintain the lasting power of fine fragrances.

Keep perfume bottles tightly capped. If too much air reaches your perfumes, they may go “off,” turn dark and smell rancid.

Of course, all fragrances will have a shelf life, regardless of quality and freshness.

The shelf life for eau de parfum, eau de toilette and colognes is generally 3-5 years. The shelf life for womens perfumes in pure form is much less.

When applying perfume, here are some general guidelines for getting the most out of all of your fragrances:

Test new perfumes or eau de parfum on a pulse point for a bare minimum of ten minutes, or better still an hour, to see if you like it.

Apply perfume to the pulse points where warmth releases the scent quicker.

Behind the ears, inside the elbows, backs of knees, inside the wrists, and cleavage are the best pulse points for fragrances. Rubbing wrists together will tend to dilute the scent.

Womens perfumes retain their scent better when applied from toe to head rather than the other way around. Scents tend to rise, just as warm air does.

For even more lasting aroma, begin a bath or shower using perfume oils or shower gel of the same fragrance as you intend to wear.

Then apply the same scent in a skin softening lotion. Choosing perfume sets containing lotions and bath powders or gels are great for layering fragrances in this manner.

Dab on your perfume after dressing to avoid contact with clothing.

Friends love to recommend their favorite perfumes and colognes for you to try. This is a thoughtful gesture, but rarely works. You know your body chemistry better than your friends.

It’s the deciding factor in selecting womens perfumes. The only way you’ll know what’s right for you is to test!

Many of my own friends have recommended their favorite perfumes to me, but in truth, using someone else’s perfume has rarely been a successful venture.

I stay with my personal favorites, which are not the hot sellers on the market today…

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Enjoy your search for the best in womens perfumes.