Our Favorite Cities In Canada For Building A House

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The desert surrounding Phoenix, Arizona has its own unique compelling beauty which seems to pull the heart on a spiritual level. It is a shame that the desert is being so heartlessly destroyed in the face of a surging population. In the early 1980′s this area was my most favorite city of all.

Although of a cooler climate, but of spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife, the Canadian Rockies from the Crowsnest Pass (Waterton Park area), north through to Canmore is vibrant. Crisp, clean air, breath-taking vistas, unlimited potential for wildlife encounters abound. From big horn sheep to huge herds of elk and the occasional antelope (yup, antelope!) can often been seen in the foothills, with views of the towering peaks in close proximity. If you’d like information on a spectacular new resort in the development stages, or information on investing with a guaranteed rate of return in excess of 12%, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with the right people. Just fill out the form below.

Edmonton, capital city of Alberta is thoughtfully laid out, making commuting from anywhere in the city a breeze. Hoorah for the traffic planners! Please bear with them, as this city is growing at a breakneck speed. Yet more overpasses are in creation and the new Anthony Henday freeway and its bypass is now virtually completed!

Want Edmonton proximity, but a small town atmosphere? Just 10 minutes north is the beautiful little city of St. Albert.

Calgary, Alberta – what can I say – get a home with a view of the Rockies! Just a short drive to world renowned Banff and Canmore. Winters have a wild and wonderfully unusual spin – chinooks! These are warm winds that blow in from the west in the winter and temperatures can go from minus 40 degrees to + 40 degrees in an unbelievably short time. However, on the flip side, when they go the temperatures in winter can plummet just as quickly. Another Canadian favorite city!

Our Favorite Cities In Canada For Building A House

The Okanagan – Canada’s Best Kept Secret!Kelowna, British Columbia – beautifully situated on the shores of Okanagan Lake. Truly a little garden city, but a nightmare to navigate – be prepared to wait, and wait – and forget about left turns off the main road into city. Left turn arrows are few and far between, and impatient drivers fed up with traffic jams even in the off season make for a stressful visit, never mind lifestyle. Instead – opt for Winfield, Westbank or Vernon. These little towns and cities are in close proximity and traffic jams are virtually non-existent!

Vancouver, British Columbia – lotus land. The very lush green landscape should tell you – it does get a lot of precipitation. Winters are generally mild. Summers warm with gentle breezes. Located on the shores of the Pacific, amongst the west coast rain forest and its towering mountains, few cities are as spectacular as Vancouver. Detracting from this however is the increasing crime rate and the heavy volume of traffic. That being said – Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond and a wonderful little city called Nanaimo are a garden lover’s paradise!

Victoria, British Columbia – every bit as beautiful as Vancouver, but with a bit more sunny disposition, less traffic and with a delightful olde English flair, this harbor city is a true delight.

One area of the country similar to the Tahoe area is the East and West Kootenays of British Columbia – filled with rugged mountains, and dotted with a few huge lakes, this country is nothing short of spectacular. Take a vacation – who knows – you just might find yourself a truly great cottage retreat!