Our Homeschool Nature Scavenger Hunt

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At one of our recent park days, we had a homeschool nature scavenger hunt. It was a lot of fun as we searched for items out in nature. Here are some ideas for you to have your own nature scavenger hunt.

Make sure you prepare before you go to the park to do your homeschool nature scavenger hunt. You will want to make sure you bring the Scavenger Hunt Lists, pens or pencils, ziplock baggies and of course, treats for all the hunters.


  • A bird’s nest – just ‘spy’ it, don’t disturb it!
  • A hole in a tree above the ground. Once again – spy it!
  • An ant hill – definitely a ‘spy it’ thing too!
  • An animals footprint – draw the outline on your paper.
  • A body of water – not the location
  • 4 different kinds of leaves
  • A pebble with dots on it

Our Homeschool Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • A pebble with stripes on it
  • A gall – an unusual round growth usually on oak trees
  • A worm or a beetle
  • 2 different wildflowers
  • A ‘Y’ shaped twig
  • A pine cone
  • Some berries (don’t eat them!)
  • Some pine needles
  • Find a feather
  • An acorn
  • A piece of bark
  • Some grass
  • Some sand
  • A leaf with eggs laid on the underside of it

Depending on your area, the children may not be able to find everything on the list.

After the children are done with their scavengering, look through their bags with them and hear all their tales.

One boy told me he climbed up a tree to get the gall. A girl told me that she didn’t want to get the worm because it was too slimy! Children are so funny! Don’t miss their adventurous stories.

Enjoy passing out a treat for their hard work. One time we made rice krispie treats and another time we handed out candy necklaces.