Oven Cleaning Methods

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To clean your oven, hood, hob, etc., I use certain tools, substances and equipment to achieve desired maximum oven cleanness. There are no shortcuts when it comes to oven cleaning, and even though use of tools and cleaning liquids speed up the job considerably – there is still a fair measure of old good “elbow grease” involved.

So how do I clean the oven? Firstly, I remove all trays, grills, side, back, top and bottom plates (where applicable) and place them into a steel tank at the back of my van. Tank is filled with water, mixed with special oven cleaning alkaline (hence non-corrosive) liquid, and it is heated to 80°C to remove all fat and carbon from above mentioned oven parts.

Oven Cleaning Methods

Meanwhile I clean the main oven – first blade it to remove any excessive layer of grease, and then the rest of underlying carbon (which is the most difficult part as usually carbon is the one that is difficult to remove) by using specially designed oven cleaning paste, as well as a steam cleaner that helps to reduce a use of any chemicals to a minimum.

Worth mentioning that I do not use any corrosive or potentially poisonous cleaners inside your oven. Health and well being of my clients are paramount to me, and I’d rather spend more time cleaning your oven using conventional methods than having shortcuts by nuking your cooker with some heavy, caustic industrial oven cleaner.

After main oven has been cleaned, I return to my van to finish polishing your grills, trays, etc. Once that is done – I assemble everything back and after your inspection leave your oven clean and sparkling!