Over the Hill Birthday

Turning 40 is the perfect opportunity to throw an over the hill birthday party. 40 is the new 30 as they say, so it’s really not over the hill. But turning 40 is the first time you can get away with calling someone over the hill…so you should.

The over the hill birthday party has been done and redone, but it’s still fun. Making fun of other people is a gas…did I just say that? Yes, I did. Of course it’s only fun if it’s done in a fun spirit.

The Dark Party

There are lots of ways to make the birthday person feel old. The most popular is to make all your decorations black and gray. Use death colors, subdued dying colours. Remind them that they already have one foot in the grave.

Over the Hill Birthday

Put up black streamers; make the birthday banner black with white writing. Have black roses and black balloons strategically placed throughout the party.

Think of it as decorating for a subdued Halloween party. Not with ghosts and witches but things dark and foreboding, things that remind us of death. Things that make the birthday person feel old.

The topper to this dark party is to have the black birthday cake. Have it shaped like a tombstone with a funny saying on it about getting older.

Be sure the frosting as well as the cake is black or at least dark brown.

If you’re planning to sit down for dinner or drinks be sure to decorate the birthday person’s chair with props.

Put a cane or a walker nearby, or put a box of adult diapers within easy reach.

Serve drinks with funny names. Instead of just punch label it metamucil or liquid Advil.

You could even create some special wine labels for your wine.

Make funny names like: Old whiner wine, Blood Pressure medicine, I’ve fallen and don’t wanna get up.

Over the Hill Gags

In addition to the dark overtones you can add fun party gags to really stick it to the birthday person.

Have the guests bring a gag gift. Be sure to make it clear on the invitation that gag gifts are expected. There are a myriad of great over the hill birthday gag gifts.

Keep the gifts cheap since they probably won’t be used after the party except as gifts to the next old geezer turning 40.

Play some fun party games to enhance the gag spirit of the party.

Make the birthday person the center of the games but include all your guests.