Over55ers Living on a Fixed Income

My PASSION is to find ways on the Internet where over55ers living on a fixed income can make more money.

For the past 3 years – I have spent far too much money and way far more time than I should have – but when you’re passionate about something as needful as this – it is difficult to slow down.

How many of us have more month than money? What would happen to your life if you were able to earn $200-1000 – or more each month to supplement your income?

I have found ways that might make short term money; however over55ers need money that is residual in nature, money they can count on through the years.

Well, thus far I have found some companies that are stable and financially sound.

Over55ers Living on a Fixed Income

One such company grows over 40% of the aloe vera in the world and employs more than 50 full time scientists – has more than 160 patents and patents pending, and maintains the largest plant library in the world with USA headquarters in Lacey, WA.

Their vision is to make supplements that will provide better nutrition – to replace those three hundred plus billion cells we lose each and every day.

We have been replacing those cells with material that is inferior to what the cells being replaced contained – that is known as AGING.

Our bodies were designed to last more than a hundred years. We haven’t given them sufficient nourishment to last that long. Not only last – but be able to care for ourselves during that same time.