Overclocking – The Need For Speed

In the simplest terms, overclocking is running hardware—a CPU clock rate or a video card for example—at a clock speed that is much higher than what it was originally designed for. There are two ways to over-clock your system. You can either increase your CPU’s rated clock speed or the bus speed.

Also called speed margining, over-clocking —when done correctly — is a relatively inexpensive way to increase and improve your system’s overall performance. Getting 5-10% more FPS (frames per second) makes a big difference to gamers. But, for the most part it’s just plain cool learning how your PC can do so much more for you.

Overclocking   The Need For Speed

Many think it’s a simple process, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you don’t know what you’re doing, over-clocking can seriously damage your system; so be careful. Please note that should you choose to overclock, you are doing it so at your own risk and you are avoiding any warranty on your chip.