Overweight Children… Is your Kid at risk?

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There’s considerable hype in the news about overweight children, fat kids and the risks that comes with obesity.

As usual, scare stories abound with calls for government intervention and/or large-scale social changes. But apart from the over-the-top reactions, there are some basic facts that remain.

Overweight Children... Is your Kid at risk?

With the increase in the availability and lower cost of food in Western countries, all but the poorest individuals are at no risk of starving. At the same time, convenience foods, fast food and unhealthy snacks everywhere have made it more likely that many children and teens will consume way too many calories. As we take a look around today, many overweight children and fat kids are.

At the same time, with the popularity of computer and Internet activities, children and teens spend a lot more time sitting still than in decades past. TV watching and talking on the phone, of course, have been popular for decades. But with the addition of the Internet, hours of physical activity per week has declined for many with the result of heavy kids.

Fact is that children today are on average heavier than they were a few decades ago. They also tend to consume more unhealthy foods high in complex sugars and fat, and less fiber, fruits and vegetables. The net effect is overweight children and fat kids. In some cases even obesity.