Paintball do’s and don’ts

If you are new to paintball, and would care for a few helpful tips and rules, there are a few things you do not want to do. Here is a basic list for the basic field!

This is a section of guides that you should 100% ALWAYS!! Remember to do!


-Learn your gun safety! My dad taught me tips of the trade on regular gun safety and it has helped a lot! I recommend you to read the gun safety page and learn it too!

-Wear sufficient safety gear!

-Bring a kit full of cleaning supplies and replacement gear just in case!

-Always be on the move, never stay in 1 position for more than 30 seconds, everyone is moving and you better not get caught stuck somewhere.

-Help your teammates if possible, you don’t want to lose any extra men that can possible help you override the score.

-Have fun!! This awesome game is all about having fun and kicking ass!

Paintball dos and donts


-Ever take off your mask, even if it is fogged or has paint splattered on it, NEVER TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!

-Shoot your teammates, this will definitely make your teammates hate you and not help you if your surrounded and in need of dire help.

-Keep your finger on the trigger while not in a game.

-Remove your barrel plug in the lobby zone! This will get you kicked out of any paintballing field.

-Follow your team, if 5-6 guys go to 1 bunker… don’t follow them, you can find another bunker but still help them by giving support fire!

With these do’s and don’ts tips you can now start to be on your way to being safe and having fun on the versatile and ever-changing battle field.