Palm Pilot Takes Pictures

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I have a new toy! Well, it’s not a toy exactly, it’s an upgrade to my Palm Pilot. I got a real fancy one and, of course, it has a camera…what else??

My friend Jim (who works with Palm) let me know politely but firmly that it’s now called “palmOne” so I guess I’d better do as he’s asked and use the correct name. (Having said that I still say that a Palm Pilot is a Palm Pilot is still a Palm Pilot!)

Anyway, back to the new toy. It’s a palmOne Zire 72 with a built-in 1.2Mp camera. It has a maximum resolution of 1.2 megapixels which will work well for a 4X6 prints or, even a 5X7. It works great on an Internet site as you can see below.

These may not be the best examples of a pictures from this little mite but it does demonstrate the fact that the user has quite a bit of control over the output.

You can run the Mp rating from 160X120 to 1280X960 which is full resolution. It has a low-light compensator, an effect capability that allows you to take color, black and white, sepia and blue photographs. However, I have absolutely no idea why anyone would ever take an entirely blue picture. But, it’s fun to play with anyway.

Palm Pilot Takes Pictures

In addition to the above, the operator also has quite a bit of control over contrast, brightness, color saturation and sharpness. Quite honestly, I was more than a little surprised at the results of this little thing. It’s quite amazing to my way of thinking.

There are obviously more kinds palmOne units and, if you’re a ‘gadgeteer’ like I am you’ll want to look at them all.