Passive Solar Energy

Heating water for domestic use with solar power is definitely an option if u are looking to save cost. The heaters can also be used for internal heating of your home or to heat a swimming pool.

There are a few types of solar hot water heater configurations and sometimes it may be real confusing.The water can be heated directly or indirectly and the system can be passive or active!

Passive open loop

It does not make use of an electric pump but rather circulate the water making use of convection.It heats the water directly through the solar panels and then stores the water in a storage tank.

Passive systems are a low cost dependable choice, especially in new homes. These systems rely on the natural circulation of warm water rising to circulate water through the collectors and to the tank (located above the collector).

As water in the solar collector heats, it becomes lighter and rises naturally into the tank above, the cooler water flows down the pipes to the bottom of the collector, causing continuous circulation.

Some installers place the storage tank in the house’s roof, concealing it from view.

Passive Solar Energy

Passive closed loop

Also not using a pump , heats the water indirectly through a coil of tubes mounted in the hot water storage tank.

Passive closed loop system Closed loop systems (that use antifreeze fluid in the coiled loop) can be installed in colder climates were the water may freeze.

The fluid fluid usually and type of antifreeze flows through the solar panel through coiled tubes inside the storage tank.

The potable water is heated by the coiled tubes.The storage tank is mounted above the solar collectors(panels) not as indicated in the illustrations.