Patio and Garden Chimenea

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It is popular belief that patio or garden chimeneas were first introduced more than a thousands years ago in Mexico. Naturally, the early models were not thought of as decorative patio appliances as they are today, but rather as a means of heating as well as a cooking appliance.

A modern day deck, patio or garden chimenea is generally made from clay and terracotta or cast iron. There are both advantages and disadvantages to these materials as we will see below

What is a Chimenea?

A chiminea, generally used in the summer months, is a patio or garden appliance. A cross between a clay oven and a barbecue, they offer an original outdoor dining experience and can be used as an outdoor oven, a barbecue, as well as act as an effective patio.

patio and garden chimenea They normally have a round base and a belly with an opening in the front for adding wood of charcoal. The top section is made up of a chimney being at least as long as the belly section.

Patio and Garden Chimenea

Cooking grills can be inserted in the oven’s opening or on top of the chimney section. Several companies also offer wide selections of accessories allowing you to take full advantage of all the possibilities these units offer.

Traditionally, chimeneas are wood burning appliances although they are also perfect for burning barbecue charcoal. People that use them often say that they are perfect for heating gardens, patios, balconies and decks. Most clay and terracotta models come with a metal or cast iron supportive base, although some larger models sit on the ground. If small children are free to run and play on the patio, a guard would be wise as the units do become very hot.

Some of the key focal points of a chimenea can be summarized as:

# Appealing looks
# Good even burning of wood or charcoal
# Reduced cooking times
# Maintenance and cleaning is easy

As most things in life, patio or garden models also have some disadvantages:

# Clay and terracotta chimeneas tend to crack after time
# Cast iron models rust if left in the rain
# Some models are heavy and difficult to move

Whether you decide that a chimenea would make a good addition to your garden or patio, we believe that the cooking and heating experience will be an original focal point of any party or family meeting.