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Teak patio tables for a prestigious outdoor dining experience


Nobody can argue that quality teak patio tables make the simplest outdoor meal special. Giving that extra touch of class and prestige.

It is quite possible that you spend a lot of time sat out on the deck or patio enjoying a moments rest. A quick coffee in the morning, or breakfast with the kids, lunch, dinner and those lovely rare moments of relax. Why if you really want to, you can even sit outside working on your laptop computer, although this does take away some of the magic of outdoor living spaces.

With teak tables you can rest assured that your patio wont go unnoticed.

Everyone admires the look and feel of teak, and teak tables are perhaps the focal point of your patio furniture. Therefore choosing patio tables is something that shouldn’t be taken too lightly as an impulse buy. With quality teak furniture there is one word of caution: make sure you love what you buy, because it will last a lifetime.

Patio tables    stylish teak tables

Although not always easy to spot, try to be sure you are purchasing 100% solid Grade ‘A’ teak and not furniture made from Shorea wood or a combination of teak veneer. One other aspect that is important, but unfortunately cannot be seen is how the teak wood was treated before becoming a piece of furniture, such as a nice patio table.
In fact, before your furniture is made, teak wood must be kiln dried (not air or sun dried) until a moisture content of 8 to 15% is reached, this will ensure against warping and splitting later during the life of your furniture. Sun dried teak can reach about 25% which may be fine in some circumstances. But if you live in a hot arid climate, your teak table is going to split and crack. Most quality teak furniture is kiln dried, but if in doubt, ask.

Patio tables, especially teak tables are able to withstand almost any weather you can think of without suffering the consequences. Teak is a close grain hard wood with a high natural oil content. These properties make it the ideal timber for garden furniture. Rot resistant, doesn’t warp, doesn’t shrink or swell. Insects, such as termites, hate it.

As with other patio furniture, quality teak tables should be crafted from solid 100% Grade ‘A’ teak, machine cut & hand sanded, using mortise and tenon joinery . If used, the hardware or fittings should be solid brass or stainless steel, ensuring the strongest possible construction. Some companies will even stand by their products and offer a lifetime guarantee, although this isn’t very common, you should expect at least a 1–3 year guarantee. If all of these items are present you can rest assured that you are looking at a quality teak table that will last a lifetime.

Round, oval, square rectangular. How much do teak tables cost?

The following price guides refer to grade ‘A’ quality teak tables, lower prices naturally can be found.
Simple, yet quality round fold-away teak patio tables will generally cost anywhere from the $300-$350 mark and up. A 48″ Diameter round table that will easily accommodate four to six guests will cost about $500 – $600. An extendable table that can easily sit six to eight people can cost anywhere for $800-900 up to $2000. With all patio tables, it is important that they have a sturdy base so as to avoid wobbles.

Take care of your teak tables and they WILL last a lifetime

After paying so much for a gorgeous teak table you might be a little afraid to leave it outside in the sun and rain … don’t be. Your patio table will be quite happy.
To maintain teak dining chairs in perfect condition, use a soft bristled utility brush or rough sponge and stroke lightly in the direction of the grain to remove surface dust. For more stubborn dirt, the wood may be washed periodically with a mild solution of soapy water, then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry completely. Commercial hardwood oils and bleaching agents may be used to maintain or restore the natural color and luster of teak chairs. Depending on climate exposure, furnishings may need to be treated one or more times per year as desired. Some wood furnishings have exposed hardware, which may require tightening from time to time. Care should be taken not to under- or over-tighten hardware.