PC Network Surveillance cameras

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Now we will go into detail about PCI digital security closed circuit TV cards and network surveillance cameras. The purpose for these is to connect multiple cameras to a PC and monitor them from a single PC, or different PCs, even on the internet through a network.

The good thing about them is that they can give a person the advantage of a closed circuit surveillance system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

For example, if you might want to see what is happening in each of several stores or businesses that you operate, or you might be concerned about your vacation residence, or want to monitor your warehouse.

The network surveillance camera sends images to a cell phone or a personal computer connected to the internet, making it a very efficient way of watching over different locations no matter how far away they are, or what time of day it is.

You will be able to watch every location from the convenience of your home anytime or anywhere.

To me, this is the ultimate in security systems, being able to access any location at anytime to watch your property or children at anytime.

I also have cameras that can be controlled from any PC, anywhere, that can be tilted, panned, zoomed, adjusted vertically, horizontally, and record the action via motion detection or time lapse recorded on a digital video recorder or even a VCR.

PC Network Surveillance cameras

How many times have you lost sleep thinking about something that you cannot see or check on immediately?

Maybe it is a long distance away or a state away.

With gasoline so expensive, it is the most efficient way of doing business, to have a long distance surveillance system.

Sometimes, you just simply cannot check personally on a property, parking lot, residence, or elderly relatives that you love but a camera over the internet is always there to check up on things.

Control your camera from 1000 miles away?

The network surveillance camera that I am talking about have the capacity to store images temporarily in the camera’s internal memory, store them onto an SD memory card, or use recording software to store them onto a PC.

Unlike most cameras, which must be connected to a PC, the cameras that I want to cover have their own built-in web server that lets you connect it directly to a network.

That means that you can send images and control the camera from a distance, without having to connect the camera to a PC.

This particular subject of unique network surveillance cameras that can be controlled and viewed from anywhere in the world will be covered in other pages also, considering the complexity of their use.

Whether it be a computer PCI card with multiple ports for cameras or a camera with built in web server, they basically serve the same purpose of accessing images from a remote area.