Pearl Care And Storage Of Pearl Jewelry

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Pearl care begins with a complete understanding of why pearls are different than all of your other jewelry items.

Nacre, pronounced na’kre, is the material from which your pearls are made. Nacre is produced by either a freshwater or saltwater mollusk that is capable of producing a calcium carbonate substance in a crystalline form. Over time, the nacre is deposited on a foreign object, like a grain of sand, that has become an irritant to the mollusk.

Layer after layer is applied to the object (now called a pearl) during the life of the mollusk. If the mollusk is in a controlled environment managed by humans, the pearl is considered as cultured.

Pearl Care And Storage Of Pearl Jewelry

In a cultured pearl, the irritant is manually implanted into the mollusk for the purpose of manufacturing pearls in a farm like human controlled environment.

After a specific period of time, usually about two years, the mollusk is opened and the pearl is extracted and then made into your jewelry.

Because the nacre is layered over many months, it is this layering that gives the pearl its luster and depth.

Caring for your pearl jewelry begins with the understanding that the pearls are very sensitive to abrasive materials and extreme care should be exercised to protect them from chemicals like perfume, cosmetics and smoke filled rooms.

Only put your pearl jewelry on after you have applied your make-up and perfume. As soon as practical, after removing your pearl jewelry, follow our “clean pearls” link at the bottom of this page.

Try to keep your pearl jewelry separate from your other jewelry to avoid accidental contact with abrasive materials.