Pebble Beach Golf Vacations…On My Mind

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Ah, yes…Pebble Beach Golf Vacations…The Lodge, The Spa, Stillwater Cove. The Lone Cypress, 17 Mile Drive, Jack Nicklaus clanking a 1-iron off the pin on # 17…

Ok, so I know I want to play Pebble Beach…


I need to play Pebble Beach-at any price!

So,a stay at The Lodge, The Inn at Spanish Bay or Casa Palmero. And, with the great Spa at Pebble Beach, my girlfriend will want to tag along. Can’t see using a cart at Pebble, so a caddie is a must. And checking their latest greens fees…What the ##%%, no twilight or super twilight deals?

Room, spa, green fee, caddie…Wow, this is all gonna ding me, but good.

 Pebble Beach Golf Vacations...On My Mind

A Perfect Day of Golf at Pebble Beach
(line-by-line,based upon current 2004 rates from Pebble Beach website)

  • Ocean View room at The Lodge-$755
  • Breakfast-Stillwater Bar & Grill-$35
  • Spa Treatments for Girlfriend-$475
  • Green Fee-$395
  • Caddie Fee-$65
  • Refreshments on Course-$20
  • 19th Hole,drinks and lunch,Tap Room-$45
  • Massage after Round-$165
  • Girlfriend’s Lunch at Gallery Cafe-$20
  • Dinner at Roy’s-$180
  • Souviners at Pro Shop…
  • T-shirt-$30
  • Spa Stuff(Girlfriend’s share)…
  • Bath Salts-$16
  • Bath Gel-$15
  • Muscle Soothing Gel-$20
  • The Spa CD-$18
  • Spa Mittens-$35
  • Spa Chenille Robe-$90

Man, I’m spending money here at Pebble as fast as George Bush thinks John Kerry will burn through dough in his first hundred days in office. Maybe I should rethink this golf course trophy hunting madness…

Go back to my humble days of walking on at City Park, east of downtown Denver? (BTW, great view of Denver skyline and Colorado Rockies Front Range. And, the most interesting cast of golf characters…Think pick-up basketball game at the Y golf…betting, trash-talking, coughing, change jingling ‘Noonans’ while you’re putting for a $10 Nassau) Play 18, grab a cold one and a burrito all for under thirty bucks!!!

NAAW! Gotta play Pebble Beach!

Let’s see…

Total Cost for Day at Pebble Beach: $2529 (or a summer’s worth of golf at City Park including apres- golf Coors Light and burrito!)

Experience and Memories:Priceless!