Pencil Pleat Curtain Hooks Keep Coming Off

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by P Navarro
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi There. I found your ‘How to Hang Curtains’ article very very helpful. My window looks great when closed.

Unfortunately every time I open my window (I have a heavy pencil pleated curtain with block out on tracks) the hooks keep coming off from the tracks. Have I done something wrong? I am using the 32mm hooks for tracking system for pencil pleat curtains which was recommended by the store specialist.

Also, I installed the tracks myself. when I pull the cords only one side opens. I have to manually open the right hand side. Do you think I may have detached something? Am I suppose to hook the cord onto something in the middle somewhere?

Appreciate your assistance. Happy to attach a photo if required (if my question doesn’t make sense). Not sure if it’s relevant but the window size is 275 cms wide by 213 cms drop.

Pencil Pleat Curtain Hooks Keep Coming Off

Hi P Navarro

First about your curtains only opening on one side. Yes you are right you need to fix the cords on the side that’s not moving when you pull the cords. The side that’s moving has the start and end of your cord loop. Both of these ends of the cord have knots already in them so you don’t need to do anything with them.

On the other side that’s not moving you have what is called a carrier. It is in front of all the other gliders (things you put your curtain hooks into). On the back of the carrier you should see the cord pass out then pass back into the carrier.

You need to get a small screwdriver and hook it under the cord and pull it out just a little. You now have a loop of cord. Next you need to twist the loop. Then hook it onto a small hook you should be able to see on the back of the carrier.

This effectively locks the carrier in place. so when you pull the cords to open or close your curtains both of them do so. Nearly forgot you need to do this either when your curtains are either fully open or fully closed.

Take a look at this short video below to get an idea of how a corded track works.

Finally as to your curtain hooks coming out of the gliders on the track. This does happen occasionally. If you are using plastic hooks the try some zinc plated metal curtain hooks. once fitted you can squeeze these a little to lock them in.

Best regards