Perennial Hanging Baskets

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Use a variety of perennials to create a hanging basket that you can use from year to year. Last year I used Lamb’s ears, Lantana, Johnny Jump-Ups and added an asparagus fern in the spring when I was ready to hang up my baskets for immediate impact.

Try to vary the flowers bloom time so that you can have instant color and then color all summer. You can add whatever annuals you like once you have the basic perennials established.

In the winter, I just put the baskets right in my flower garden so that they would be in their natural environment. In the spring, I just picked off the dead leaves, pulled out what soil I could, added new soil, planted a few annuals and hung them up. The Lamb’s ears were already nice, as well as the Johnny Jump-Ups.

Perennial Hanging Baskets

By the end of the second season, you will probably need to remove some of the plants and plant elsewhere (maybe a perennial flower box). Make sure you fertilize as usual during the growing season. I found that because they were perennials, I did not have to water my baskets everyday because they were already adapted to dry conditions. I tried to choose ones that were basically drought tolerant.