Personalized Baby Gifts: What You Must Know Before You Buy One

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Personalised baby gifts are usually more unique and clever than traditional baby gifts. And since everyone loves to see their name in print, you’d expect everyone to love personalised baby gifts, right?

Personalized Baby Gifts: What You Must Know Before You Buy One

But there can be problems with giving a personalised presents. For example, is your recipient the type of person who frequently returns things? My grandmother was like that. She returned just about everything her children and grandchildren gave her. It was so frustrating that one year we ended up giving her a return slip for her birthday!

Fortunately, not many people are as difficult to please as my grandma was. But there are still some folks who aren’t happy unless they choose exactly what they want themselves. These are not the kind of people who will appreciate a personalised baby gift.

Personalized Baby Gifts: What You Must Know Before You Buy One

Other points to consider:

  • Do you know the correct spelling of the baby’s name?

    These days, even common names like John and Mary can be spelled in uncommon ways (e.g., Jon and Mari). Always ask the parents or another close relative for the exact spelling of the baby’s name before ordering a personalised baby gift.

  • Do you know what the parents plan to call the baby?

    Will Margaret be called Margaret, Maggie, Meg or Peggy? Will Jonathan be Jon, Johnnie, Johnny or Jonathan?

    You don’t have to tell the new parents you’re planning to buy them a personalised baby gift in order to find out what name to use. Instead, when they tell you the baby’s name, simply say, “What a great choice. And are you planning to call him…?” The parents will appreciate your compliment. And they’ll think you’re especially thoughtful for asking what they plan to call the baby.

    Important caveat: Be sure to ask the parents, not the grandparents, this question!A lot of couples choose a baby name in order to please a grandparent or other relative. In fact, I’ve had three close relatives who were never called by their given names, but rather they were called by their middle names. In all three cases, the parents were simply trying to please relatives by naming the baby after a favoured grandparent. But since the parents never really liked the name, they never intended to use it and always called the children by their middle names.