Phone Etiquette

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You have just met a great person and you managed to get the digits as they say or the phone number to call to set up a date later.

Now what do you do? Should you scream home and make the call immediately or do you wait a day or two to avoid looking desperate?

Here are some guidelines when it comes to phone etiquette for when this happens.

When to Call

Waiting a day or two to call is perfect phone etiquette since it shows you have a life. If you call the person back immediately, it shows you are desperate or needy. This can be a big turn off so avoid this at all costs please!

Try not to wait too long to make the call since the person may feel that you really were not interested in the first place.

Try calling sometime after dinner during the week if possible around 7 or 8 in the evening. This is usually the time where everyone has eaten and is pretty much doing their thing.

Make sure you pick a quiet room where you can call so you are able to focus on everything the person is saying. It is never a good thing to ask him/her to keep repeating themselves. This will look like you are not interested and this is definitely not the case.

Phone Etiquette

Remember you are a busy person so every time you call there is a purpose for calling like asking him/her out on a date.

Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Have fun and smile while talking on the phone since that comes through the telephone believe it or not.

If there is no return call

If you had to leave a message and there are days that go by and there is no return call, don’t panic!

I hear people all of the time worrying that the other person is not jumping on the phone to call them back. It will be ok as people do have busy lives.

Wait a full week before you try calling again since the person could have had something important come up like a vacation or a business trip all of a sudden.

If you have to call again, make it your last time trying to connect with the person. Believe it or not, there are people out there who are afraid of not giving out their number since they don’t want to hurt someone and they never call you back.

If you keep calling and calling, it looks like you are desperate and the person will never ever call you back. Trust me!

Just move on as there is plenty of fish in the sea.

How should I act on the phone?

Be yourself on the phone and never try to act like you are someone else or lie to make yourself look better.

Every encounter in the beginning is like an interview and a first impression goes a long way. If they don’t like your personality and can not relate with you, you don’t want to date them anyway. It will be very boring and you will be wasting your time.

One thing that I would like to leave you with is this. Everyone is different and there is not one rule to follow, but by following these easy guidelines, it should help your chances.

Now go out there and have fun!