Phonics game on words that rhyme with stop

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Entertain little kids with this phonics game. Get them to act our the actions. If they see the word STOP, they stop moving. This game teaches them to read words that rhyme with stop.

Preparations this phonics game

1. Print out these phonics cards

2. Cut out the cards and assemble them.

3. Show the kids the cards and read the words for the kids.

4. Explain each word to the kids.

Phonics game on words that rhyme with stop

To Play

1. Let each kid pick a card.

2. Each kid acts out the word on the card.

COP The kid pretends to be a policeman.

TOP The kid puts something on top of a box.

HOP The kid hops around.

MOP The kid pretends to mop the floor.

POP The kid acts like his dad. (It would be interesting to see how the kids perceive their father).

STOP Everyone stops moving until the adult or older kid says GO!

Have fun.