Photo Idea – Capturing Enduring Records of Precious Moments

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Photo idea could be what you need to create memorable pictures that last for many years to come. Do try out some of the idea and watch you enduring record of cherished moments grow.

Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things. ~Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

Newborns …. Photo Idea #1

  • Newborn has lots of involuntary movements. It’s great time to capture their changing expression.
  • Support the baby on your hand, to show the baby’s vulnerability.
  • Let natural light shines across the baby crib, take a picture of a sleeping baby.

6 Week-Old New Borns …. Photo Idea #2

  • Remember to photo his/her first smile.
  • Wrap the baby in a blanket, or let him/her lie naked, wave arms and legs.
  • When the baby can follow a moving object, hold up a toy and move it from one side of the face to another. Catch the baby’s reaction.

Babies (3 – 6 Months) …. Photo Idea #3

  • when he tries to reach for toes or such on fingers, take a picture.
  • Pass a toy to the baby, and don’t let it mask your baby’s face. Capture the moment.
  • Place the baby on bed, surround him with pillow. Use the pillow to prop the baby up.

Babies (6 – 12 Months) …. Photo Idea #4

  • take a close-up of your baby showing a first tooth
  • It’s fun to see the baby bath time. Put a few rubber ducks and plenty of bubbles.
  • Go down on the floor to take pictures of baby’s crawling, cruising, and taking first step.

Children …. Photo Idea #5

  • Place your child in a chair. Relaxed pose is key to great picture. Let your child hold a favourite toy, keep him talking and take pictures.
  • Take pictures of your child playing, doing homework, or cycling. When they are unaware of you, call out the child’s name, shoot a picture as he/she looks up.
  • Take a picture of him playing with friends.

Siblings …. Photo Idea #6

  • Get the 2 siblings to embrace, face-to-face with eye contact.
  • Pt the youngest (maybe a baby in the elder child’s arm) in the foreground, and look at the camera.
  • For 3 or more siblings, put them together and try to form a triangular shape.
  • Get all of them looking at the youngest, then the eldest.
  • Let them play together, and focus your camera on the youngest.
  • Try taking photos as long as the surroundings are uncluttered and not distracting. Their heads should be close together for impact. But don’t try to get fake grins by asking them to smile.

Teenagers …. Photo Idea #6

  • Many teenagers become camera-shy when there are other people around. Some may find taking picture with their gangs of friends easy. Let them do what comes naturally.
  • Let the teenagers offer photo idea, and you take the time to think about lighting and composition.

Pets …. Photo Idea #7

  • Take a close up of the child’s face with the pet held next to it. You’ll notice the impact on the picture.
  • Find out what’s the time the animal is normally at its quietest – is it after feeding time or dawn time when the temperature is lower? Position yourself in front of the pet and snap some pictures.
  • Some pets can stay put longer than others (e.g. Kitten). Position the child lying on the ground, compose and focus the picture, ask someone to help place the kitten on the child’s head at the last moment. Pet will get tire of camera, so remember not to let them under stress for too long.
  • Let the child has eye contact, hug, or hold up the pet in front of face.
  • ask the kid to hold the pet up to their face and make them look at the camera
  • Place the pet on the ground or on its bed. Ask the child to be close to it but not holding it.

Couples …. Photo Idea #8

  • Pose the couple sitting apart
  • Ask the couple to sit next to each other, heads inclined and arms around each other.
  • Get them face to face.
  • If they are camera shy, chat them up and take a picture of them in conversation.
  • Give them any prop that may say something about them.
  • Couple may feel more relaxed about posing if they are sitting down. Consider using steps and ask one partner to sit behind the other, with arms around their shoulders.

Grandparents …. Photo Idea #9

  • Take a picture of the grandparent cuddling a baby, reading a book to a toddler, or chatting with a teenager.
  • Picture of couple gardening or walking.
  • Think along this line: If the grandparents’ photos were the only information future generation had about the family history, what would they want to know?
    Photo Idea   Capturing Enduring Records of Precious Moments

Family …. Photo Idea #10

  • Get the family together in tight composition, and look at the camera.
  • Let them be in an informal pose, scattered about but with not too much space between them.
  • Capture the moment of one parent and child involved in an activity.
  • Family parties are also good opportunity to get informal pictures of people chatting. Try to be as quick and discreet as you could to capture their natural expressions.

Weddings …. Photo Idea #11

  • If you’re a close friend or family of the bride, you can start recording by taking pictures of the pre-service preparations at the bride’s home. This is a nice touch to set the scene for wedding album.
  • Let the professional photographer concentrates on the posed line-ups of the wedding party. Go and look for spontaneous moments capturing the atmosphere and emotion of the day.

Vacations …. Photo Idea #12

  • Let a child sit on the beach under strong sunlight. Get down to their level, look through the viewfinder to get a good composition. Now introduce some colourful beach toys to the child.
  • As above, but now let the child sits under a huge brightly coloured umbrella with the toys.
  • Let the children play in the sand – they love it! Getting them engage in an activity produces more natural pictures than static pose.
  • Remember to record the place where you went on vacation. Keep your eyes open for details that will help you remember it and then place your family members within the scenes. Make sure they are not too big or too small in the frame.
  • Even wet weather can be a good time for great photo. Children with cheerful rain wear and umbrellas look brighter even during downpour.

School Events …. Photo Idea #13

  • If you want to take a picture of your child during a race at a school sports day, you can take up your position near the finish line. Take care of the camera time lag, take a picture of your child running with a few others close behind!
  • Take pictures of the children getting ready.
  • Capture any moment that isolate your child in action.