Photography Equipment Manufacturers Tips

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Photography Equipment Manufacturers provide you with the necessary tools to create great images……but don’t get caught up being an equipment junkie.

Camera manufacturers such as canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sigma,Minolta and Sony are constantly raising the bar of technology so you can raise the bar of your creativity….every 6 months to a year, new models it seems are being rolled out…..raise the bar of your creativity, but not your credit card balance.

Photography Equipment Manufacturers that offer accessory and other cool gadgets are next up to provide you with good studio lighting, strong tripods, sturdy equipment bags, calibrated exposure meters ( yes, even digital exposures needs a good meter ), backdrops, and creative props to serve many applications and clients.

Home studios that need the whole experience of doing it themselves will find suppliers for printers, framing, and computer accessories…..be sure though that you have ample storage for the vast amount of possible purchases.

The look on my wife’s face when I unveiled the plans for our Home Studio are forever etched in my mind…..she was happy, but at the same time, had that look of “You’re not very good at measuring things, will we have enough space ?…where will the kids sleep ?

All kidding aside, I did have plenty of space for the kids…..but I didn’t expect to develop the addictice habit of buying more and more and more equipment…..I had become an equipment junkie….Help !

Photography Equipment Manufacturers Tips

Good equipment will last a long time when cared for properly, watch your budget and plan forward to replace…not ADD equipment.

Digital has that disposbale feeling to it, with no film to buy and process you could easily replace your camera every 3 years ( this is your decision though, use good judgement when you need to update )