Picnic tips! The tools you need to know about.

Picnic tips is about the little tips-n-tricks you need to know about. It’s the little things that make your picnic run smooth. We will cover some big ones too… What ever it takes to make your picnic experience fun.

Save time, save money and learn how to do it right! Like learning how to pack a better cooler. Ever open up your ice chest and all your stuff is floating in a sea of yucky water?

Here’s a cool picnic tip! Freeze some plastic water bottles the night before the picnic. Use them like ice. Line the bottom of your cooler with the frozen plastic bottles.

As the ice melts the water remains inside the bottles. Your food stays dry. You’ve saved money by thinking ahead (you don’t have to buy ice). Plus you can drink the bottled water as it melts. I love having a nice cold bottle of water on a hot day. The ice inside the bottle will last for hours.

Here’s another hot tip!

 When packing food items into plaster containers, use a couple of rubber bands to secure the top from coming off accidentally. Things do drop from time-to-time. An ounce of prevention will save you the time it takes to clean up a mess. Plus you will be in a much better mood to enjoy your picnic. No cursing this time! Just fun and games.

Picnic tips! The tools you need to know about.

Ok, ready for the big tip of the day? You might have to save your pennies for this one. Picnic tips do cost money sometimes, but this one is worth it. If you like to cook, buy yourself a vacuum packing system. I am sure you have seen them on TV. They use special bags and canisters for food storage. The machine sucks the air out of the bag or can and then seals it.

It’s a very professional way to pack your food items. I just got one myself. I love it.