Pictures From Beautiful Switzerland

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Should someone ask me to choose an image or a photograph of my country, Switzerland, it would really be very difficult to choose because there are so many. I am convinced that once you have come on hiking holiday and taken your photographs and someone had to ask you the same thing, it would be just as difficult for you.

Of course, the subjects and types of photographs that you can choose from are vast and varied and there is more than you can imagine as far as choice goes.

I would recommend that if you’re planning on taking photographs with a conventional camera; take enough roles of film with you. Film is quite expensive here and this would be interesting in order to save a little.

Should you have a digital camera, make sure that the memory chip has enough memory on it. This will avoid any eventual disappointment.

Here below, I would like to mention a few photographic subjects that are relatively well-known and that are regularly found in many a picture of Switzerland. However, I will not only settle for the well-known images but will also tell you about the less known regions that are really worth your while for taking pictures during your visits, hikes and walks to them.

The Matterhorn and Zermatt:

This is the place where I can assure you that one role of film will not be enough. This is a most popular picture of Switzerland, and one of the mountains the most photographed in Switzerland. The Matterhorn is in the form of a pyramid and depending on the time of day, you will find that the pictures vary in colour. You will find particularly at sunset and at sundown that the pictures are absolutely fabulous.

Pictures From Beautiful Switzerland

The Glacier Express:

This train travels through the mountains. When it takes the road to the viaduct of Landwasser, it is so unique and magnificent. This viaduct is built in a semi-circle, on the descent and in all the walks that I have done, all over the world, I have never, ever seen a construction of this type. It’s really worth the while.

Pictures From Beautiful Switzerland

The Glacier Express then crosses the Alps. The train’s wagons have large windows that allow you to see and take advantage of the breathtaking views. The departures are from Zermatt and the arrivals in St Moritz. You can also leave from St-Moritz and arrive in Zermatt. The choice is all yours. The journey lasts roughly 7 1/2 hours. During this journey, your will cross 291 bridges and go through 91 tunnels!

Châteaux d’Oex:

This is my hometown (I am quite attached) and a very charming place in the Pre-Alps of the Vaud region (French-speaking Switzerland). This town is very well known in the world of hot-air ballooning. Each year, Châteaux d’Oex welcomes hundreds and hundreds of balloons from all over the world that participate in many meetings.

Pictures From Beautiful Switzerland

There are balloons of all shapes and colours. This is a very real and justified picture of Switzerland. Let’s not forget that in March 1999, for the Race around the World (with a balloon) without stopping, Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones were there and rearing to go. This town is very well-known for ballooners and also excellent for hiking/walking and skiing.

The Chillon Castle:

This beautiful place in the Montreux region is very popular for picture-taking and very popular in the world of hiking and tourism. You can take pictures from the lake, therefore capturing some beautiful images from the water, of the lakeside and vice versa, therefore obtaining breathtaking pictures of the lake.

Pictures From Beautiful Switzerland

One subject that would not like to forget and would absolutely like to share with you is the yearly ascension into the Alps. In the springtime, the herds of cows are guided up into the Alps, to graze during the summertime and then, in autumn, they are then guided down by their herders. This is an opportunity to capture many a picture of Switzerland concerning this subject because the cows are always decorated and the cow-herders wear their traditional clothing.

To add to it all, there are also musicians playing the traditional Swiss music with traditional Alp horns. It’s fabulous to watch and to hear.

Carnival of Bâle:

At the beginning of the year, there is always more than one possibility to find a subject to add to your picture of Switzerland. There many carnivals and processions due to the fact that the Swiss people always celebrate the end of winter. This is a payenne custom of long date.

Pictures From Beautiful Switzerland

The most well-known amongst these is the Carnival of Bâle that always starts on a Monday morning at 04h00. This is known as the “Morgenstraich” and the whole town is in darkness. The only light comes from enormous and beautiful handmade lanterns, carried through the town by numerous groups of people, accompanied by musicians playing drums and wind instruments.

Carnival of Lucerne:

Pictures From Beautiful Switzerland

Another well-known carnival is the Carnival of Lucerne, very different from the one in Bâle in that this is represented by cacophonous fanfares or “Guggenmusik” and the bands really enjoy themselves. There’s a lot of dancing in the processions. The costumes are very colourful and the crowds really enjoy the show.


As for the less well-known places but always well worth the visit for walks, hikes and breathtaking pictures, I can recommend the two halves of the canton of Appenzell. These wonderful places are often left aside because they aren’t directly on the habitual tourist route.

Pictures From Beautiful Switzerland

This is an ideal region. It’s only 1 1/2 hours by car or train from Zurich. Ideal for walks in summertime and there are some excellent planned and prepared walks, through the mountains, in wintertime. I find that this is a very colourful area and the housing is very typical and quaint for the region.

For the ascension and descent to and from the Alps, the cow herders also wear very colourful clothing. This is the perfect photo opportunity for your picture of Switzerland. The distances from one point to another are minimal and this makes this place almost “miniature”. The locals are very friendly and are always there to show you the way and advise you on the best places to go and see. The hotels are very well kept and of course, once there, don’t miss out on tasting the famous Appenzeller cheese.

Jura montain chain:

To the north of the capital of Switzerland, Bern, at roughly 1 ½ hours by train or car, you will also find a region that is less well-known on the tourist route and for the same reasons as mentioned above.

This is why I would like to tell you about the mountainous region in the Jura. This region starts around the town of Geneva and ends close to the town of Bâle.

The mountains are not as high as those of the Alps or the Pre-alps. However the countryside is magnificent and absolutely special and along the way, on your excursions, you find many beautiful photo opportunities to once again add to your picture of Switzerland. Just great for all kind of hikes.

It will probably be very difficult to choose between the high plateau with its large and widespread forests and the vast pastures cut up by numerous, gleaming little streams where cows and horses, originating from the French mountains, graze peacefully, all day long.

Certain visitors still name this region “Watch Valley” for the simple and justified fact that during the long winters, famous and well-known in the past, a part of the famous precision watch-making was born in this region.

These are just a few of the immense photo opportunities that Switzerland has to offer to our visitors. Don’t limit yourself to only one picture of Switzerland. Come and visit us and discover the vast beauty of my country. You can also discover charming places and once you have come to the end of your visit, you will certainly retain many fantastic souvenirs.