Pine Wine Rack Tips: Options and Analysis

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A pine wine rack is a functional, yet attractively priced storage solution. Sturdy and versatile, they generally give exceptional value for their cost. The rustic look of pine can be either painted or left its natural color depending on your preference.

Because they are often stackable, this option gives you the flexibility to increase your cellar at your own pace. Additionally, they do not require the large initial investment necessary to purchase some other storage systems.

A pine rack can be incorporated in a temperature controlled cellar or placed in a cool dark corner. For many of us, maintaining correct wine storage temperature is not neccessary. The majority of wines on the market today are meant to drink young and do not require aging to reach their potential. In fact, most moderately priced wines will deteriorate if stored for too long.

If you do not regularly purchase expensive Red Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon, but still want to attractively display your wine, this may be the best route to go. However, serious collectors should not discount purchasing a pine wine rack for placement in a temperature controlled environment.

Pine Wine Rack Tips: Options and Analysis

While pine is not considered the highest quality wood, it can be stained to give it added aesthetic value. Furthermore, the fact that pine wine racks generally cost less than other woods should not deter you from considering one. Reflecting on the style of your home, you may find that a casual, unpretentious space may be more agreeably accented with pine than a more expensive wood.