Pittsburgh International Airport

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The Pittsburgh airport – Pittsburgh International Airport – is the fourth largest airport in the nation. It serves both public and military needs on its 12,900 acres of land. FAA coded as “PIT”, this airport consists of four runways and one helipad. Passengers make use of the airport’s two terminals – one landside which is the point of entry, and one on airside where you’ll find the departure gates. Once passengers check in and pass through security, people movers take them swiftly from landside to airside half a mile away where they will board their flights.

Since its reinvention from Greater Pittsburgh Airport to Pittsburgh International Airport at a cost of one billion dollars in 1992, this modern airport is bright, stylish and clearly marked, making it easy for passengers to find their way around. Parking includes short term, long term and extended options. Shuttles run frequently between extended parking areas to the airside terminal, and moving walkways make getting your luggage from short and long term parking areas a breeze.

The Pittsburgh airport was the first to introduce free Wi-Fi service in its terminal for world passengers, and also uses its Wi-Fi system for electronic parking (similar to E-Z Pass). Free Wi-Fi is now available to passengers at all concourses and in food court areas. It was also the first airport in 1992 to offer its passengers the services of a major indoor mall, which includes retail shops, dining and specialty shops such as business centers and spa services.

Other amenities you’ll find at PIT include a Hyatt Hotel, a Fed-Ex drop off, various ATMs and a chapel.

There is also a state-of-the-art Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Training Center at Pittsburgh International where the county airport fire bureau trains personnel to respond to burn scenarios in a number of various possible aircraft fires. This is a regional training facility for the FAA.

Located off of Rte. 60 in Findlay township, road signs for the Pittsburgh Airport are many, and finding your way there is easy. There are also shuttle and bus services to the airport, as well. The airport is just 16 miles west of downtown Pittsburgh.


You will need a government-issued ID (state, local, or federal), such as a driver’s license and also your airline-issued boarding pass. You may be asked for these at the ticket counter, the boarding gate, and at the security check-point. If you are not checking luggage, you may check-in on line, if your airline offers this service.

Only those holding boarding passes may be permitted beyond the security checkpoints, however those boarding children or accompanying special needs passengers may acquire a pass to assist the passenger to the gate.

Pittsburgh International Airport

You are permitted one carry-on bag, and one personal bag such as a handbag or briefcase. Outerwear and electronic items are subject to addition screening, and it is suggested that you limit the amount of metal objects on your person to expedite screening. Placing your metal objects in your carry-on bag instead will help the process go faster.

Should they find that you are carrying an item that has been banned by the security process, you will be asked to either surrender it, or check it at ticketing. Items that are surrendered to the amnesty bins cannot be returned.

You’ll find security at the Pittsburgh airport stringent — just as in any other US airport, since 9/11. The following lists sometimes change, but as of Oct. 2008 the following in-cabin policies apply…

Items permitted in the aircraft cabin, and in carry-on bags:

Cigar Cutters, Cork Screws, Cuticle Cutters, Eyelash curlers, Insulin delivery systems, Nail clippers with nail files attached, Nail files, Pets (if permitted by airline, check with airline for procedures), Safety razors (including disposable razors), Syringes (with medication and professionally printed label identifying medication or manufacturer’s name), Tweezers, Walking canes and umbrellas (once inspected to ensure prohibited items are not concealed),

Items prohibited in aircraft cabin or in carry-on bags:

All Guns and Rifles, Ammunition, Automatic Weapons, Axes, Baseball Bats, BB Guns, Bows and arrows, Box Cutters, Compressed air guns, Corkscrews with sharp edges, Cricket bats, Disabling chemicals or gases, Dog repellent spray, Mace or Pepper Spray, Dynamite, Fire extinguishers, Golf clubs, Gun lighters, Gunpowder, Hammers, Hockey sticks, Ice axe/Ice pick, Knives (any length), Large, heavy tools (such as wrenches, pliers, etc.), Mace, Martial Arts or Self-Defense Items, Metal scissors with pointed tips, Pen knives, Pepper Spray, Plastic explosives, Pool cues, Portable power drills, Portable power saws, Razor blades (not in a cartridge), Road flares, Screwdrivers, Ski poles, Straight razors, Stun guns/shocking devices, Tear gas,

Though prohibited in the cabin, many of these items may be packed in checked baggage under some conditions. Check with your airline.

Picking up Passengers:

It’s good to know that cars are not permitted to park or stop and wait at curbside for returning passengers. It is recommended that you check the arrival time of the flight in question, and park in short term parking to pick up your passenger. The first hour of short term parking at Pittsburgh airport is only $1, and you can meet your party at baggage claim. Airport links below open in new window…