Pittsburgh Sports – Steelers, Pirates and Penguins

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If you breathe Pittsburgh sports – Steelers, Pirates and Penguins – then this is the place for you. Love of our sports teams is one factor that defines us as a unique city. And it’s not just the guys – the women of Pittsburgh are some of the most involved sports fans you are likely to meet anywhere.

A large percentage of cars in the ‘Burgh display some logo, decal or other sign of one or more of the Pittsburgh sports teams. On or before game days in stores, banks and offices, you’ll see employees sporting player jerseys of their favorite Pittsburgh team members. Grocery stores are packed pre-game times, and noticeably emptier during the game.

Lawns have large displays in homage to the Black and Gold throughout the season and much of the year. And during Steeler Superbowl games, you could read a book in the middle of the road and not be bothered by traffic – everyone’s with friends, enjoying the game. It’s crazy, and we love it! Just as much as we love our sports teams. Pittsburgh is the Ultimate Sports Town.

Pittsburgh Steelers

No football team has more heart and pride than the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s why fans will sit in long lines of traffic crossing the rivers to watch a Steeler game. Cold, rain, sleet – nothing keeps our fans from the field as they cheer their beloved Steelers on through game after exciting game. The flash of black and gold as the Steelers play with their hearts and souls is enough to satisfy the fans whether the game is a resounding win, or a heart-breaking loss.

Pittsburgh Sports   Steelers, Pirates and Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins

Ah, the Mighty ‘Guins. Their fans can’t wait to get their hands on that Stanley Cup once again. Maybe their new arena will be their good luck charm, just as Three Rivers Stadium was for the Steelers back in the 70s. It’s Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle’s Penguins – all the way!

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a team that struggles to play to its fullest every game, and the fans love them because they do. The talent is there, but this team has a lot to live up to – its own past. With memories of Mazeroski in mind, fans come to the games knowing that the day will soon be here again that the Pirates lead the league in wins and their fan’s respect and love.

Go Black and Gold!

Did you know that Pittsburgh is the only city in which all major sports teams share the same team colors? They all sport Black and Gold, so grab something gold, or black and gold and swing it around a bit, give a whoop or yell, and join in the fun of sports in Pittsburgh.

The fastest way to make a friend in Pittsburgh is to support one of our major league teams. And the fastest way to support one of our teams is to watch a game or two – you’ll be hooked in no time!