Plan Your Homeschool Legal Defense and Relax

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c There are a number of well-meaning people out there who just don’t know the legalities of teaching your children at home. And, those are the people who will give you trouble.

True story: At the office a colleague of mine asked me, “How do you home school? A teacher at my daughter’s school told my wife that it’s illegal.”

True story: A military recruiter told my oldest that she couldn’t join the service because she was home schooled.

True story: A well respected educator said that my wife couldn’t home school unless she had a teaching degree.

Plan Your Homeschool Legal Defense and Relax

These are just my family’s stories. There are some really horrible ones out there:

  • Nosy neighbors call the police on your children for being truant.
  • Someone calls social services because they think your children are victims of a religious cult.
  • Or even worse, a new education official, unaware of the law, brings charges against your family.

In these cases you will need legal assistance.

  You have a few options for your homeschool legal defense:

  1. Do nothing, hope and pray for the best.
  2. Get totally knowledgeable in your state’s laws regarding homeschooling.
  3. Set aside savings in case you ever need to hire an attorney.
  4. Join an organization where you contribute a set amount for home school legal aid.

Looking at the options myself:

  1. I pray, alright, but I believe the Lord helps those who help themselves!
  2. I have a job (and I write a website). I don’t have time to keep up with home school legalese.
  3. Set aside savings? Yea. Skip that one.
  4. I’ll join the organization. But what’s the cost?

I have heard that home school co-ops and churches will set up their own legal defense funds but I have never been part of one. Our family has always used the Home School Legal Defense Association.

HSLDAis a non-profit organization established to protect the rights of homeschoolers. Membership dues are used only to defend the legal rights of home schooling families. While they are a Christian-led association they will defend any family’s right to home school their children.

For a Homeschooling Dad this site is everything “homeschool legal defense” that you need. Click on your state to find out what your responsibilities are and what will keep you out of trouble. Your partner can even find support groups and resources through this site.

The basic cost of membership is $115.00 per year per family. You can purchase more years for a discount.

HSLDA also offers discounts to military families and various home school organizations. Purchasing curriculums such as ”Sonlight” will entitle you to an HSLDA discount as well. Check your publisher.

The Homeschooling-Dad website is about helping you, Dad, to help your homeschooling family. As I mentioned, there may be other options out there. I don’t know how they could compare with HSLDA

We’ve been HSLDA members for 13 years. The price of membership has only increased $10.00 in that time. We have never needed to go to court but we have called HSLDA several times.

When we call, the staff can usually answer our questions but if we need to speak with an attorney they always get back to us in less than 48 hours