Plan your training your competition is

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You should Plan your training because chances are if you are an elite or an aspiring Pro your competition is training as we speak. I’m sure you are aware that the percentage of players who actually make it to the pro ranks is very low. The bottom line is only those who are totally committed to being the best are the ones who get there. Talent alone is not the answer. The big pay-day is not a right it is something that must be earned through hard work and dedication. If you Plan your training you will will not waste time and strengthen your weaknesses.

You are at this site because you are looking for some info to improve yourself. Although this is not a weight training site. I agree that a weight training program is important to your Off-sesaon training. There are alot of training program options on the net and elswhere that offer good information on how and what exercises to do.

You should start by figuring out how much time you have between now and your next try-out. Lets say it is 13 weeks. This is an example of a Periodization Strength training Template. 3 weeks would be set aside to increase your muscle mass (get bigger) followed by 1 week rest(not Play station training) 5 weeks on getting stronger 1 week rest and 3 weeks of getting faster. I am talking about weight training here I will demonstrate some basic exercises later on another page . For now you are on your own.

Realize that most times you will be training alone don’t expect someone to always light the fire under your butt. The players that learn to fire themselves up are the players that rise out of the trenches in the heat of battle. If you Plan your training properly you will understand that the Self analysis process is important in determining what youneed to work on.

If your goal is to be a complete hockey player you will also understand the importance of working on the intangibles. Focus, discipline, intent, are some of the qualities that make up the foundation of heart. Heart is what all champions possess. The Martial Arts are big on working on these qualities however as a hockey player time is always a factor on what activities you can actually do.

We at Karate for Hockey teach a style of karate called Mars-Zen-Do this is a style of Karate that was developed by Mike Marson he was the second black hockey player to play in the NHL. Mike is a 5th Degree Black-belt in ShotoKhan karate. Drawing from his experiences in the NHL and his Martial Arts training he developed and teaches a fast track system that uses only the necessary Karate traditions and techniques to get a student to where he has to go.

Plan your training your competition is

The Martial Arts training he became involved in (Shotokan Karate)following his NHL career forced him to reflect on his path to that point. It allowed for many sessions of self analysis. It gave him an understanding how all of his experiences relates to self improvement. More importantly is how it all relates to you and your hockey endeavours.

The point of all of this is that you understand that it is up to you to Plan your training. Training for the most part will be a solo endeavour. If you become aware that you have to learn to light the fire under your own butt and not depend on someone else to get you going. If you learn that you will be way ahead of the next guy. Also Know that there is a person training right now for that ultimate position you want. Sounds deep well if your serious it is.