Planet Saturn – The Snake

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You might wonder what planet of Saturn has to do with your fabulous life. Even if you don’t know much about astrology you probably associate planet of Saturn with something unfortunate or bad. This is not entirely correct.

Looking out of the window on a bleak, cold winter morning I was struck by how the myths, stories and characteristics of the planets and the zodiac signs are strongly connected to the nature and yearly cycle. The Sun is in the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, in January. Saturn is usually referred to as cold, hard, strict and harsh – just like the cold of the winter. He’s often connected to punishment, and even to death and the devil.

I do believe Saturn’s rather cruel reputation is unfair. I like to think about Saturn as an old, wise white bearded man. He’s our teacher. He’s strict when it’s necessary – when it’s in our own best. Remember Aesop’s fable about the ants, who are busy all summer preparing for winter while the grasshopper just hops around, enjoy the sun and have no thoughts of tomorrow? Then winter comes, and the ants find themselves with a comfortable, warm home and enough food to make it to the spring. While the grasshopper is freezing and hungry.

That’s Saturn to me. He’s cold and harsh when you need to learn your lesson. On the other hand, when he gives you his rewards it’s because you’ve definitely earned them. There’s nothing accidental, or “lucky” about the rewards from planet Saturn. It’s the payment you get for your hard work or from learning your lesson.

Planet Saturn   The Snake

Planet Saturn is associated with time and age. Whatever the planet is going to teach you – don’t expect to learn fast. Planet Saturn represents the wisdom of old age and wherever the placement is in your birth chart, don’t expect to get it right until you have matured. He’s like the wine that only gets better with age, or the well-matured cheese.

If you have planet Saturn in for instance the seventh house, the house of marriage, it might indicate that you marry late. Some quasi-astrologers might say this placement is an indication of a cold and unhappy marriage – but like anything else in your life your marriage can be just as fabulous as you like! Most likely your marriage will only get better and better – you’ll end up like one of those couples everyone seems to envy – deeply in love after thirty years of marriage. It’s because you’ve learned! It’s because Saturn in the 7th house gives you staying power and will to improve.

In your birth chart Saturn always points to lessons to be learned this life time. Very often it points to areas of your life where you find yourself struggling. This is where you have to get it right before you can move on – and no cheating or short cuts allowed! For instance, planet Saturn in the sixth house points to lessons to be learned in 6th house matters – health, everyday issues, and practical details. You might find that you either have a very strict routine for food and exercise, which prevent illness, or you might find that you lack these routines and struggle with chronic health problems. You probably also have difficulties dealing with everyday routines – simple things, like getting up in the morning at set hours, do your vacuuming or change your sheets on a regular basis. Or planet Saturn creates very strict routines here and you sort of loose it without them. Either way, things happens in your life that tends to draw your attention to this placement. This is not an area where things goes smooth and easily – even if Saturn receives harmonically aspects, though that certainly helps.

Likewise, when Saturn transits a house some kind of discipline or hard work connected to issues within that house will arise. Saturn transiting the “money” house (the 2nd) might lead to conflicts or experiences where you learn the hard way to make money. Or, if you learned your lessons well when Saturn transited the 1st house the 2nd house transit might indicate financial rewards. I said rewards, not lottery victories!

Saturn is called the planet of karma as it also is connected to past life issues. The house placement supposedly says something about what you did in your past life – and the lesson to be learned in this life. For instance, Saturn in Aquarius might indicate that in your past life you were one of many in a mass movement. You were on equal terms with your fellows and you shared and fought for the same idealistic ideas – whether it was through the Nazi movement or the Christian crusades. In this life time this placement can lead to a feeling of loneliness, of always being on the outside, of never fitting in with the crowd. While strong friendship was a focus in your former life, in this life the planet Saturn placement in Aquarius might make it difficult for you to create intimate friendship (though when you finally get a good friend the friendship is bound to last a lifetime).

So be happy for Saturn – it brings some solid fundaments into your fabulous life!