Planets in the Eighth House – What is the Significance?

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Sun in Eighth House

With Sun in Eighth House, your energies are generally directed at yourself as you can be rather philosophical in outlook and the quest for the meaning of life can lead to much self-searching and examination. This need for self-introspection can lead to a rather introverted view of life as you are likely to spend much time analyzing and questioning your own personality and motivations. You deal with responsibilities well and may benefit monetarily through inheritance or via a marriage partner. There is a possibility of achieving fame in the last stages of life or even after death. On the downside, there may be a tendency to read too much into matters, plunging into too much self-examination, causing unnecessary stress and tension. In some cases, an early loss of the father or husband is also indicated with this placement.

Moon in Eighth House

With Moon in Eighth House, you are a deeply intuitive and sensitive individual with a talent for all kinds of spiritual healing. You can be deeply fascinated with the hidden, subconscious realms of life and take an enormous amount of interest in issues dealing with death and afterlife. There is an inclination towards psychic abilities and you are able to tune into the moods of others around you easily and a strong emotional relationship is inextricably linked to your powerful urges for sex. As a result, as equally sexual partner is important and you are able to respond to the sexual needs of your partner effectively. On the downside, because of such emotional and sexual intensity, issues revolving round jealousy can be a problem. In some cases, the early loss of the mother or wife is also indicated with this placement.

Mercury in Eighth House

With Mercury in Eighth House, you have a serious, inquisitive and penetrative frame of mind which is an excellent placement for research and analysis work. Because you have a philosophical streak as well, you are prone to delving into metaphysical and spiritual issues, such as issues dealing with life, death and the afterlife. You are generally intrigued by the deep mysteries of life and possess the uncanny ability to look into others’ motives and motivations. You tend to devote time and energy to these issues, resulting in an inability to get in touch with reality at times. Overall, this placement also bestows you with an above average sexual drive and you may spend a great deal of time fantasizing about sexual matters. Financial gains are likely to come to you through a partner or spouse but there is also a possibility with legal entanglements.

Planets in the Eighth House   What is the Significance?

Venus in Eighth House

With Venus in Eighth House, you are intense about sexual involvements and should experience harmonious sexual relationships. You most likely have a healthy and fulfilling sex life, unless other hard aspects to planets like Pluto and Saturn are present. Since this is the House of inheritance, you are also likely to inherit money or other resources from your partner or spouse. There may be monetary gains related to the career advancement of loved ones as well. This placement also promises favorable circumstances surrounding the last stages of life, particular peaceful conditions at the moment of death. Because of your generous and carefree attitude when it comes to resources, you may be prone to complacency at times as you become reluctant to handle responsibilities.

Mars in Eighth House

With Mars in Eighth House, you are generally passionate about life and possess a very strong sex drive which must be expressed positively and properly or you would be inclined towards much dissatisfaction about life. You are likely to have a strong interest in the hidden mysteries of life, including the occult, haling arts, spirituality and medicine. This placement enables you to channel your energies into the area of research and analysis. Many prominent researches have this Mars in Eighth House placement.

On the other hand, you should be wary of the tendency to become over-obsessive with your emotions and personality as you are prone to self-introspection and examination. This could result in a leakage of energy, resulting in lowered vitality. In some cases, there are indications of possible financial loss through extravagance by a partner and this is something you should watch out for as well.

Jupiter in eighth House

With Jupiter in Eighth House, you are endowed with a great dose of enthusiasm and optimism when it comes to your attitude towards life and death. You are also sexually enthusiastic with an abundant sex life (unless other harsh aspects from planets such as Saturn are present), needing a partner who is as equally sexual and committed to sexual enjoyment and experimentation as you are. Your carefree, optimistic philosophy of life often inspires others around you. Like Venus in the 8th House, this placement also promises peaceful and harmonious conditions at the time of one’s death. In addition, it indicates financial gain through inheritance or marriage. Alternatively, you have the potential to become a successful business person but should watch for the tendency to be wasteful when it comes to other people’s financial resources as well.

Saturn in Eighth House

With Saturn in Eighth House, you are inclined to be somewhat sexually inhibited, have trouble expressing yourself emotionally in sexual matters or may simply have unconventional sexual preferences. There is a danger of harboring jealously in sexual matters. You are financially conservative when it comes to money and tend to take quite a lot of responsibility for others and their financial affairs.

This careful attitude towards finances often sees you setting aside enough money for loved ones in times of need. Your intuition is generally strong and leads you well, although you may be prone to facing challenges and obstacles in matters pertaining to property or inheritance. This placement usually confers a long life as vitality increases and strengthens over the years, rather than being weakened.

Uranus in Eighth House

With Uranus in Eighth House, you are likely to have an unusual attitude when it comes to sexuality and you may vacillate between showing great enthusiasm about your relationships and seeming detached and indifferent about them. An interest in the metaphysical side of life is likely and you also have a rather unusual outlook on issues pertaining to life and death. You generally have an easy attitude towards money, preferring not to worry extensively over it. There is a possibility of receiving sudden financial benefits or windfalls from unexpected sources. This carefree attitude towards finances can sometimes lead to financial loss when dealing with other people’s money, such as business deals.

Neptune in Eighth House

With Neptune in Eighth House, you are endowed with much intuitive or even psychic abilities which could culminate in a genuine desire to help others in need. However, you are prone to be rather idealistic in nature and are prone to disillusionment when you seek to help others. Nevertheless, you are a visionary who seeks to give your life more meaning through seeking connection with the hidden mysteries of the Universe.

Your sexuality will most probably be rewarding and creative when positively expressed, though you may harbor unfulfilled fantasies or illusion about sex itself. Hence, there is also the possibility of being deluded in sexual relationships, resulting in major disappointments. Another possible danger with this placement is that joint finances with a spouse could end up as a source of trouble or confusion. Also, you should be cautious when it comes to investment or dealing with others’ money.

Pluto in Eighth House

With Pluto in Eighth House, you are resourceful, self-reliant and possess a lot of determination and drive towards achieving your goals. Your strong sense of intuition is well supported by a strong sense of logic and you constantly need to analyze what you do. This makes you a shrewd business person as you are able to combine both logic and emotions effectively when making decisions. In sexual matters, you are intense and passionate, although sexuality may not flow that freely for you during lovemaking with your need to dominate. There is also a tendency to be prone towards unhealthy obsessions with matters of a sexual or financial nature. This placement also indicates the possibility of facing some public scrutiny where death is concerned.