Planets in the Sixth House – What is the Significance?

Sun in Sixth House

With Sun in Sixth House, the areas of work and health are of utmost importance in your life. There is a strong emphasis on duty, routine, responsibility as you tend to take great pride in your work and have a a talent for organization. You are inclined to be an efficient problem solver and organizer. This also extends to the areas of health, diet and exercise which generally affect your sense of vitality and well-being. Your health tends to be favorable with the Sun in this House placement and recuperative powers are strong, although you may still be subject to occasional minor health issues. This is a favorable House position for work related to communication and the mass media. On the downside, you could be a difficult individual to work with due to stringent work ethics or fussiness.

Moon in Sixth House

With Moon in Sixth House, your sense of emotional well-being is intrinsically tied to your choice of work and dietary regimen. It is also important for you to develop and maintain healthy dietary habits from a young age. You should be aware of falling prey to any addiction in the forms of drugs, alcohol etc as there is a higher chance of you suffering serious health consequences as a result of such addictions. Although equipped with much intuitive and imaginative abilities, you are prone to suffering emotionally from work-related issues. There may be frequent changes of jobs until you find your niche. In addition, you may also be prone to indecisiveness and instability regarding responsibility, especially where work or health is concerned.

Mercury in Sixth House

With Mercury in Sixth House, you take an interest in work and health-related issues seriously and are likely to be a practical and efficient planner and organizer. Although diet, exercise and hygiene are areas of great interest to you, you tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist and can feel easily overwhelmed by daily issues and problems. A worrier in more ways than one, you are also likely to suffer nervous breakdowns and other physical ailments such as stomach or respiratory problems due to a delicate digestive system. There can be a tendency to become fixated on difficulties and a danger of turning this into a kind of obsession. A well-planned exercise or work regimen should be able to counteract this tendency.

Planets in the Sixth House   What is the Significance?

Venus in Sixth House

With Venus in Sixth House, you are likely to strive for harmonious relations with associates and co-workers in your workplace, which may lead to the blossoming of romance in work situations. Although you generally respond well to constructive criticism and thrive on a consistent work routine, you also have a strong dislike for unpleasant working conditions and hard physical labor. You are also prone to overindulgence involving sensual delights, immersing yourself in merry-making, drinking and food consumption with this placement. The tendency to dislike any forms of strenuous exercise can lead to the accumulation of pounds, resulting in weight problems later on in life.

Mars in Sixth House

With Mars in Sixth House, your vitality and energy makes you a competent worker with good initiative powers. Being assertive and enthusiastic, you are able to set out and accomplish your goals with great fervor, making you a very productive worker. Your nature can also make you very demanding as your expectations of others are as high as those you have for yourself. Thus, this could lead to strains in relations with others at the workplace if your impulsiveness and intolerance aren’t curbed. In addition, you could possibly become impatient with the little details of everyday tasks which could lead to frustration and obsession at times. If Mars receives harmonious aspects with the Sun and Moon in the chart, your physical vitality and recuperative powers would be strengthened considerably.

Jupiter in Sixth House

With Jupiter in Sixth House, you are apt to find success in work-related issues and get along well with co-workers and associates at the workplace. There are opportunities for travel and expansion through work as well. You are generally kind and helpful to those who require your time, energy and financial resources, extending generosity to them in any way you possibly can. Being so loyal and dependable to those around, this position usually brings monetary rewards as well. The downside to this placement is that there could very well be a tendency to overindulge in food as you simply adore good gourmet. You are likely have a slow metabolism which makes exercise tedious, thus culminating in easy weight gain and other health problems.

Saturn in Sixth House

With Saturn in Sixth House, you are a hard conscientious, reliable worker who handles responsibility well. There is a tendency to pay great attention to detail and you are exacting in your demands, which might earn you the respect and admiration of your colleagues and associates. On the flip side, there could be a self-sabotaging and self-defeating attitude when it comes to your work. Despite working hard, you may not believe that your work is worth the effort and that you are competent enough for the job. You may find it difficult to accept limitations and obstacles beyond your control and may shoulder too much responsibility and blame. There is also a danger of deteriorating health because of overwork or negligence of your emotional and physical well-being.

Uranus in Sixth House

With Uranus in Sixth House, you are bound to experience many radical changes where work and health matters are concerned. You are likely to be able to come up with innovative, original ideas and methods or sudden intuitive, insightful flashes where work is involved although this can be rather erratic and unstable in nature. You can also be impatient where results are concerned. On the other hand, your health can be subject to unusual complaints that are not easily diagnosed or treated. There is an unusual high degree of susceptibility to infections and and illnesses. Strain and tension can be the consequences and a carefully watched diet and lots of rest is essential for this placement. You should try to be cautious and alert as to where you expend your energies.

Neptune in Sixth House

With Neptune in Sixth House, you are prone to be idealistic and sensitive about work matters and even to your work surroundings and colleagues. You are likely to perform well in work where you are able to express creativity in your own distinctive way, which may or may not sit well with others. There is a strong desire to help or rescue those who are in need and less fortunate with this placement. On the other hand, you may find yourself being less than satisfied until you find a profession that fits into your ideals. This can lead to many disillusions regarding your work and at the same time, an overactive imagination can lead to bouts of depression and hypochondria. Health can be subject to strange ailments and you may also be prone to allergies, food and prescription medication.

Pluto in Sixth House

With Pluto in Sixth House, you possess excellent powers of concentration, especially where work is concerned, and often channel your energies positively and beneficially. This can be deeply inspiring to those around you. You are determined and eager to see the end results and may overwork yourself in the process. As a result, there is likely to be physical stress and tension when datelines and pressure at work are overwhelming. In addition, you may be interested in health, medicine and food related matters and can use this to radically transform your lifestyle and dietary habits. Overindulging in food at times of emotional distress is a possibility and you have to watchful of this.