Planning a 1st birthday party

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Planning a 1st birthday party is probably the most monumental of all birthday parties. This is due to the fact that this is your child’s first birthday, and the first time you have the opportunity to do this. Planning a first birthday party is easy, with the help provided below!

Planning a first birthday party is usually a smaller affair, with mainly family and close friends being invited…

It would usually take place in a home, as there is little need for renting a large hall to have this party.

When planning a 1st birthday party, there is usually no theme attached, but that doesn’t mean you cant have one.

Your food options are usually simple. The best recommended options here are finger foods and desserts. You can have a full cooked meal if you would like, but due to the amount of people, is usually not required..

Planning a 1st birthday party

The length of time for this party typically is shorter than parties later on, just because your child is young, and there is not too many activities that they can partake in.

Also, most 1st birthday parties do not have alcohol, as it is usually a smaller affair..

There is usually no entertainment or games, as the child will provide the entertainment as they are opening up their gifts, and getting cake all over themselves..

Traditionally, there is usually one small cake for the birthday celebrant, and no utensils…They can get their hands in it, and make a huge mess. You don’t have to do this, but it is fun for the child, and other people that are in attendance.

There is not a large budget attached to this. Primarily, the budget for finger foods and a cake for a small group is usually under 200.00 . Sometimes it is larger, but your child is worth it regardless.