Planning a 30th Birthday Party

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Planning a 30th birthday party will usually consist of family and close friends.

To be practical, it will usually take place in a home, as there was little need for renting a large hall to have this party.

In season, pool parties are great. Sports activities are also great (indoor and outdoor)

If you are looking for something different, make a theme.

Monte carlo (casino) nights work great, costume parties are cool, and texas hold-em parties are the most popular to date!. See the party planning guide at the end of the page for more specifics

Your food options are now a little more elaborate. The best recommended options here are pizza, pasta, fried chicken, hamburgers, or anything “fast”.

If an elaborate menu is what you are looking for, consider a “pot-luck”, where everyone brings something. Most people cook, and dont mind bringing something to make it easier on the host of the party.

The length of time for this party typically is six hours or less, and occasionally done in the evening (usually on weekends). Sometimes, it may occur on a weeknight, depending on schedules.

If the party is outdoor, consider horseshoes and games like that. If indoors, consider board games like Twister, thinking games like Clue or Scene It, or any general trivia games.

Planning a 30th Birthday Party

Some great trivia games lie in our party planning – made simple guide

Invitations can be personalized. You may opt to make your own, either using a computer or hand-make them.

Sending invitations can be easy, through email or our templates, shown in the party planning guide, which can be found by clicking the link at the end of the page.

For ideas on gifts, have the birthday celebrant give you a list of their top ten “wish list” gifts. These can be put on the invitation to give people a better idea what to buy them.

You make want to consider a collage of pictures of the celebreant’s past 30 years, or even a slideshow (if you are technically inclined). If you make a slideshow, you can have it converted to dvd, and play it on your tv, saving the need for a projector and screen. If not, they are not too expensive to rent.

The budget for a party like this will be a bit higher (due to the cost of food and place to hold the party), but it doesn’t have to be. Primarily, the budget for finger foods and a cake for a small group is usually under 200.00. If you arrange a pot-luck dinner, it could be even less.

Planning music for this party is also fun…Hire an entertainer, or consider the option of a magician, murder mystery, or even go without this idea…DJ’s and other entertainers are great, but not always necessary.