Planning a Teen Birthday Party – Ages 13-15

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Planning a teen birthday party can be a lot of work as well as a lot of fun! At these ages, teenagers can be independent, with good decision making skills.

Planning a teen birthday party will have a little less people then the 2-12 age group, because family and close friends are usually not participating in the festivities. The guests will primarily consist of neighborhood children, classmates, and other friends.

Before, it would usually take place in a home, as there was little need for renting a large hall to have this party.

Now, there are a few options available to you. Places with party rooms (restaurants, etc) are usually not an option, as your teenager would think that is “not cool”. Positive options include taking them to mini-golf, rollerskate, bowling, swimming, or just having it at your house.

In season, pool parties are great. Sports activities are also great (indoor and outdoor)

For teenagers, there is usually no theme attached, but that depends on the person.

Planning a Teen Birthday Party   Ages 13 15

When it comes to planning, INVOLVE THEM! At this age, they will know what they want, and want to have a great party.

Your food options are now a little more elaborate. The best recommended options here are pizza, pasta, fried chicken, hamburgers, or anything “fast”. You can have an elaborate meal if you would like, but most teenagers will be more interested in quick foods.

The length of time for this party typically is six hours or less, and occasionally done in early afternoon (usually on weekends, when school is in session). Sometimes, it may occur on a weeknight, depending on schedules.

If the number of guests are low, you may also consider a “Sleep-Over” party, which would naturally start later

Kids will tend more to play video games, or play outdoor games, then boring inside games. Sports work well during any season (In winter, consider the rental of a gym or community centre).

Invitations can be personalized. Your teenager may opt to make their own, either using a computer or hand-make them. This is a great bonding experience for everyone.

Sending invitations can be easy, through email or our templates, shown in the party planning guide, which can be found by clicking the link at the end of the page.

For ideas on gifts, have the birthday celebrant give you a list of their top ten “wish list” gifts. These can be put on the invitation to give people a better idea what to buy them.

Also, because your teenager is getting older, it is “not cool” to give the younger guests “gift bags” as a thank you for coming.

There are many other ways with smaller gifts to say “Thank You”

The budget for a party like this will be a bit higher (due to the cost of food and place to hold the party), but it doesn’t have to be. Primarily, the budget for finger foods and a cake for a small group is usually under 200.00