Planning birthday party for your 6-9 year old

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Planning a child’s birthday party can be a lot of work as well as a lot of fun! Children are seeking individuality, and like to do things themselves.

This is not difficult, and will be fun, with the help provided below!

Planning a child’s birthday party can now become a larger affair, because family and close friends are now added by neighborhood children and classmates…School is now a factor, so the number will be higher than what you have been accustomed to in the past.

Before, it would usually take place in a home, as there was little need for renting a large hall to have this party.

Now, there are a few options available to you. Places with party rooms (restaurants, etc) provide a great atmosphere for the kids, as well as not having to cook or clean. Other options include taking them to mini-golf, rollerskate, or just having it at your house.

When planning a childs birthday party, there is usually a theme attached, but that depends on the child. Follow in your child’s footsteps for a little while, and the theme should jump right out at you. If it doesn’t, ASK THEM! They will tell you, because they might want certain gifts or toys over others.

Your food options are now a little more elaborate. The best recommended options here are finger foods and desserts. You can have a full cooked meal if you would like, but due to the amount of people, may get a little costly.. If you decide to arrange a meal, pizza, fried chicken, and “pick-up” type foods make your job as the planner quite a bit easier.

Planning birthday party for your 6 9 year old

The length of time for this party typically is six hours or less, and occasionally done in early afternoon (usually on weekends, when school is in session)

If you have other children in attendance, it is common just to let them play by themselves, while the adults spend their time together.

Board games are great ideas, plus any backyard games as well. Visit our party planner section listed below for some exceptional ideas.

Also, most kids birthday parties do not have alcohol.

Let your guests know what the theme is ahead of time, either through themed invitations, or a note to go with the invitations. When your guests search for gifts, it becomes a no-brainer as to whether the child will like it or not..

Also, because your child is getting older, it is usually customary to give the younger guests “gift bags” as a thank you for coming. There doesnt have to be anything fancy inside, so base it on a budget. Some great ideas for gift bags include pencils, erasers, crayons, and occasionally candy.

The budget for a party like this will be a bit higher (due to the cost of food and place to hold the party), but it doesnt have to be. Primarily, the budget for finger foods and a cake for a small group is usually under 200.00 .Sometimes it is larger, but your child is worth it regardless.