Playing Cards For Poker – Paper or Plastic?

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The type of playing cards you choose for your home games or poker tourneys make a big difference. There are two types of cards to choose from: Paper or Plastic. Most people settle with paper cards because they are presumably much cheaper than plastic cards (1 Paper Deck: $4-$8 VS 1 Plastic Deck: $15-$20).

You’ll save much more money investing into plastic cards, rather than buying paper; plastic coated cards are much more durable and last longer than paper. They will not crease, rip or tear as easily as paper. They shuffle better and slide across your poker table smoothly.

Plastic cards (also known as Kem Cards) are also washable, using a damp cloth when they start to get dirty and stick together. In addition, plastic playing cards are also easy to handle and shuffle, as well as bending back into shape.

Playing Cards For Poker   Paper or Plastic?

All experienced poker players tend to sneak a peak at their hole cards to view it – this has a tendancy to warp and ruin paper cards. Corners becomecruved and cards appear to be bowed at the middle – ugly! Plastic cards help minimize this problem… Paper or Plastic? The choice is obvious…