Plus Size Fashion Advice

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The number one plus size fashion advice is to wear clothing that fits! I know I always wanted to wear great big tops and huge dresses. I guess I somehow thought they were hiding everything when, in actuality, they only made me look bigger. Remember that you look the size of your clothing! So if your out there in a shirt that’s 4 times too big for you….oh help!!!

Number two is wear what you like. No matter what you wear, if you feel comfortable and pretty, you will look comfortable and pretty. Remember, you don’t have to follow a lot of fashion rules in which you don’t feel comfortable. There’s always going to be something out there that you like and is also fashionable.

  • Boots and leggings are two items that give a chic and “put together” look. If you like them, by all means wear them. I have great leggings available and they’re probably my best I love them. They’re trendy, fun and comfy. It’s probably best to keep everything the same color, (that’s what the plus size fashion advice experts recommend) but experiment anyway. With my body type, I could chop things up a bit. If you are taller and have long legs, you can definitely get away with contrasting colors more than if you are petite. And aren’t those little ankle boots adorable. I like having stockings that are the same color as the boots. A stunning look!
  • If you can wear heels, they always look great! And they’re back big time. I have noticed that I can wear platform shoes better than heels that go on an angle. I opt for those when I’m looking for height. I have these funny Herman Munster looking shoes that I wear with a pair of very long jeans. Probably a fashion “no-no”, but it makes my legs look soooo…. long.
  • Handkerchief hemlines on your tops or dresses are super figure flattering, not to mention super sexy and super flirty.

Be sure to accessorize. You can find really cool accessories to use as a focal point. Dress monochromatic and throw on a few accessories or even just one amazing accessories to make a truly bold & high fashion statement. (Go to accessory page)

Be careful not to skimp on lingerie. It was always hard for me to “spring” in this area because you can’t show it off very often. But when someone gets a glimpse, it’s very impressive to have coordinated underwear. And, of course, it also makes your outer ensemble look better.

Plus Size Fashion Advice

  • Here is MY plus size advice when it comes to sleeveless clothing. Sleeveless clothing is “all the rage” right now and full figure women tend to like covering up their arms…(and legs and everything else!). Don’t do that! Think about it this way. Even though you have a piece of fabric over your arm, it’s not going to make your arm look any different. I know it gives a sense of security to cover up, but you just don’t have to. The main thing to do is keep those arms in shape and you’ll look amazing in the trendy sleeveless fashions. A suntan, whether fake or real, also makes your arms look wonderful.
  • Anything that adds vertical lines is figure flattering. A long necklace or scarf, a V-neck, a blazer or cardigan left open, a vertical stripe, a long straight skirt or hanging belts (does that make sense?) are all excellent choices.
  • Plus Size Fashion Advice is this. Dress Monochromatic! I love to dress monochromatic, but be sure to use different fabrics when you do this. Throwing on a bright necklace, belt or pair of shoes makes a bold statement. I’ll say this over and over again, probably because it’s one of my favorite ways to dress. For instance, find everything you own that’s white. Put it all on in layers and add something like a a huge turquoise necklace, a bright yellow belt or some amazing shoes. Awesome look.
  • Luckily, the little high waisted dresses are really in style right now and they are so figure flattering, not to mention how adorable they are. A slightly higher waisted dress with a waist line that sits just below the bust line will define the slimmest portion of your figure and create the perfect hour glass body shape. One inch above the knee is the shortest you should go if you are 40+.
  • Rusching is a girl’s best friend when it comes to plus size fashion advice, whether it be plus size bathing suits, tops or dresses. Wow! Rusching hides everything, while giving amazing support. It is also comfortable because it’s stretchy and you can breathe without thinking some kinds of rolls are showing or something. When I get my designs manufactured, I will definitely be asking them to do some rusching.!

Although “they” (the experts who give plus size fashion advice) say not to wear tapered jeans, I’ve always had luck with them. For some reason they seemed to make me look thinner. Maybe because I’m built bigger in the chest area and smaller on the bottom. I’m not sure, but keep that in mind and find the best jeans for your body type. We all need a good friend, who we trust, to tell us how our clothing looks. I’ve never worked with a personal shopper, myself, but I’ve heard they are very helpful. It may be something to consider. There are no hard, fast rules that work for everyone. Boot cut are said to be the most figure flattering. Just be sure you find jeans that fit you perfectly. I always had luck with Calvin Klein’s jeans.

It’s always figure flattering to pair a short item with a long item. For instance, wear a short jacket with a pair of pants or longer skirt. Making sure there is contrast in shapes, texture and color is key.

Necklines make a difference. V-necks and boat necks are two of the most flattering.

Cardigans and blazers look wonderful because they not only cover up those “side bulges”, they add vertical lines to your ensemble. Just be sure they fit correctly. Although it’s tempting to throw on something large and comfy, it will only add extra pounds.