Poker DVD Recommendations

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Whether you are a casual or serious player, sometimes watching a poker movie is just a better way to learn. Or maybe you aren’t interested in an instructional video and just want to watch a good quality poker flick.

Either way, this page should give you a good idea of what poker movies are out there, and which ones you should go with.

Howard Lederer 4 DVD Set
From Howard Lederer
This set includes all of Howard Lederer’s DVDs. It includes Secrets of No Limit Holdem, MORE Secrets of No Limit Holdem, Howard TELLS All, and Secrets of Limit Holdem.

This is an instructional DVD that is geared towards beginners. If you are more of a “visual” learner and just can’t get into poker books but want to become a better player, give this DVD set a try. Howard Lederer is one of the most respected poker professionals out there, and this DVD will definitely help your game.

Ed Miller’s 4 DVD Set
From Ed Miller
After making the leap from beginner to pro in less than a year and a half, Ed Miller teamed up with Sklansky and Malmuth of Two Plus Two Publishing to make poker books. He started with Small Stakes Holdem, moved on to Getting Started in Holdem, and has no released a 4 DVD Set on his own to help players with Limit Holdem.

These DVDs touch on many of the topics found in his first two books, but are geared towards the visual learner. I would highly suggest picking these ones up as Miller really knows what he is doing and is a great teacher.

Caro’s Pro Poker Tells DVD
From Mike Caro
This video is based on his best selling book “Caro’s Book of Poker Tells”. It has all the most up to date information on Poker tells from the “Mad Genius of Poker”, Mike Caro.

Poker DVD Recommendations

With decades of observation at the poker tables under his belt, Mike Caro describes how to read opponent’s hands through body language and verbal giveaways. This is a fantastic book, and an even better video. If you are looking for an edge in your home games, or at the casino, then definitely pick this one up. It will add a new dimension to your game!

Starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton
Rounders is THE modern day poker movie. Starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, this movie takes you inside the life of a wannabe pro poker player, Mike McDermott. This movie has gambling, russian mafia, great acting and high stakes.

The best part about this movie is how it plunges the viewer into the world of high stakes poker. It fully immerses you into this world as Mike narrates the story. From the ultimate highs, to the lowest of lows for a poker player, you see it all. Overall an excellent poker movie with a great cast, check it out!