Poker tips – Playing the turn card

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If you’re still in the hand by the turn you must have either:

1. A solid, already made 5 card poker hand.

2. A straight or flush draw with profitable pot odds

3. Or a good chance to win the pot by bluffing.

If you don’t have at least one of these good reasons to continue with the hand you should check or fold when it’s your turn to act.

Even expert poker players only expect to win about one big bet per hour playing limit Holdem. You can’t make very many bad calls in poker if you want to be a winning player.

It’s very easy to lose all your money one bet at a time.

1. If you’re quite sure you have the best hand on the turn, bet, raise, or try for a check-raise. More on check-raising later.

It’s important not to give your opponents a free chance to draw against you. Make them pay to see the river card.

2. If you’re on a draw, try to see the river as inexpensively as possible. Call if you have a 4 card flush draw or an open ended straight draw on the turn against two or more opponents giving you descent pot odds.

3. Be aware of possible straights and flushes your opponents may hold, or be drawing to.

4. Remember that anytime there is a pair on the board you may be up against a full house and three of a kind is likely if it’s a high pair because some of your opponents are probably holding high cards.

5. If you’ve got a great hand in early position consider a check-raise on the turn if you’re sure someone behind you will bet. This way you get in the extra bet to build the pot and force the drawing hands to pay dearly to continue to the river.

Poker tips   Playing the turn card


1. Bluff more frequently against players that have shown weakness by checking in previous betting rounds.

2. Bluff more when the board is scary to your opponents with flush, straight, trips and full-house possibilities. If they don’t believe you and re-raise, you’ll have to reevaluate your position. Don’t be afraid to lay down your hand if your gut tells you that you’re beat.

3. Do the other players consider you a solid player who only plays strong hands? Do they fear and respect your bets? Remember poker is a psychological game.

You must constantly be asking yourself….. what do my opponents think I am doing in this situation? And how can I use this information to my advantage. If you’ve been catching good cards lately and doing a lot of betting, chances are the other players see you as loose and aggressive. Try slow playing a monster hand. Suck them in.

If you’ve been catching nothing but rags and folding for what seems like hours the other players will characterize you as tight offering you good bluffing and blind stealing possibilities.

4. Don’t try to bluff more than one opponent in a hand of limit Holdem. It doesn’t cost them that much to call you down and some people will call just out of curiosity just to see what kind of hands you’re playing.

5. You must bluff once in a while just to mix-up your play. If you become too predictable the other players will fold whenever you bet, not giving you any action. It’s pretty tough to win at poker when your opponents can read you like an open book.

Mix-up your play on the turn but don’t over do it.