Pole swag over blind in kitchen

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by Fliss

Hi Lee,

In my kitchen, I have french doors with a dark blue roller blind over them, which I love. However, what I don’t love is my old curtain pole which is above the blind!!

I have considered taking down the pole, but unfortunately it will cause considerable damage to the wall as my husband fixed it rather too well!! I’m therefore stuck with it. It is however still a very nice chrome pole, and I don’t mind making a feature of it. I did wonder about draping some voile over the pole, but am not sure if this will look too chintzy. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Pole swag over blind in kitchen

Hi Fliss

There are many things you can do with a pole and a piece of fabric. Draping a length of voile is a simple one. But how about a piece of unlined silk it could look stunning if dressed right. I would go with voile if you want a more casual look. If you want it a touch more formal then silk dressed well could be the answer.

I know the image above is not silk but it gives you an idea of a scarf swag dressed well into pleats.

Best regards,