Polishing concrete upgrades the look of the concrete floor

The process of polished-concrete is actually cutting through the cement powder and polishing the rocks in the concrete, this gives off the shine.

When dealing with concrete as a diy’er always consult a Professional and if you feel the project is too much to handle it is always a good idea to hire a pro.

Polishing concrete upgrades the look of the concrete floor

How can I polish my existing concrete?

There are two perceptions of polishing concrete. The first being actual concrete that was polished creating a high gloss look (We will come back to this one). The second method is actually concrete that has either been colored or just sealed with a high gloss sealer. This obviously is not polished, rather it is just regular concrete with a on.

So what exactly is Polished concrete?

Polished concrete is when you take a machine similar to a grinder, however instead of the cutting blade being able to cut, it actually grinds very fine layers of concrete. The process usually starts with a strong abrasive diamond grinding blade of about #80 (Similar to sanding paper the lower the number, the abrasive the pad), and going up in fineness to #100, then #200, #400, #800, #1500, and lastly #3000.So as the progression goes on the diamond grinding disks get finer and finer leaving a polished surface as a result.