Port Elizabeth Golf Courses

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Port Elizabeth has some pretty terrific Courses that you may want to check out. The first being put on site is Humewood Golf Course.

Humewood Golf Course

Looking for a true links course in South Africa? Looking for a Super Challenge? Look no further! I promised you challenging courses and this is definitely IT! Humewood Golf Course is where you want to be. It is one of the very best courses to be found. An Award winner! Always up there in the top 10 South African Courses. And it’s one of the very few genuine links courses outside of the U.K.

Between Cape Town and Durban on the Indian Ocean side of South Africa is Port Elizabeth.

Humewood is in Port Elizabeth on Algoa Bay. For people who have not golfed here before, the spectacular scenery and views of the Bay combine to form yet another challenge to overcome.

Humewood was designed by Colonel S.V. Hotchkin and opened in 1931. Almost immediately,(1934) it became the host to two major tournaments – the SA Amateur and the SA Open. Both these tournaments have been hosted here several times. Humewood hosted the Goodyear Classic from 1984-1992. Lots of great names are attached to this course and champions include John Bland, Denis Watson, Tony Johnstone, Fulton Allem and Ernie Els. Their winning scores are on record as some of the highest on the Tour.

Port Elizabeth Golf Courses

Aside from the human visitors, Humewood also plays host to some of South Africa’s finest golf critics – the monkeys. Human’s, no matter how focused, do not seem to watch the game as closely as these visitors. While I sometimes lose sight of the ball, their little heads are constantly in motion as they follow the ball. Of course, if you watch them instead of the ball, they become another hazzard!

Others who may also be in attendance to cheer you on are small buck, tortoises, meerkats and crowned plovers. You will easily recognize the plover – or “kiewietjie” as it is found on the club’s emblem. They are often seen on or near the fairways. If you get too close they might get a bit uptight and give you a tongue lashing… should I maybe say they’ll give you a beaking? You can avoid these little confrontations by keeping a look out for the red flags the Humewood Groundsmen put up wherever they find a nest.

A special local rule states that any ball
coming to rest within 2 club lengths of a plover’s nest,
may be lifted and dropped without penalty.

Perhaps the meerkats deserve a bit of an introduction as they are not commonly seen outside of Africa.
The first thing you should know about them is that they are wild animals and should be treated as such. Don’t feed them, don’t try to hold them – though they may well let you. They are unlikely to rip your arm out like the baboons might, but they are very prone to suffering stress related to such close interaction with people and they will suffer. They look very much like a prairie dog, sitting upright to look around. And they are about the same size. They are very family oriented and are always seen in family groups, usually touching each other or playing with each other. Some people mistake this love of being touched as a sign that they will make a great pet. Trust me! They will not! There is a letter at raptor.co.za. that explains “why not” pretty well.

So please, if you see any meerkats or any other wildlife, take pictures, sketch them, enjoy their antics but leave them in the time, place and condition you found them in. You can learn more about meerkats and other endangered South African wildlife at Chris and Bev’s awesome site raptor.co.za.

The Course Itself

The animals and the scenery are just two of the natural hazards. There is a third natural challenge. While the wildlife and the scenery may sit quietly by and watch your game, the wind will get right in your face both literally and figuratively. The prevailing south-easterly and westerly winds will have you praising yourself for all those lessons you endured on how to golf in the wind…..or, alternatively, cursing yourself for not taking them. Regardless, they will test your golfing skills more than any other single thing at Humewood. Maybe you would like to take a lesson or two. Golf lessons are available here but they are by appointment only. Graeme van der Nest is the Resident Professional. He and his staff will be happy to give you a lesson and some pointers on how to handle Humewood’s breezy course. Beginners are most welcome.
I had a hard time getting a “stand out” hole from other golfers so I have picked a couple of my own.
The 4th hole is perhaps one of the toughest on the course. It consists of a long dogleg to the left with bunkers on the right side of the fairway. Following your tee shot, your approach will be played to a somewhat elevated green bordered on both sides with bunkers.
The 13th hole is another good one to test your skills. The fairway is extremely undulating, rising and falling like the Atlantic Ocean just before a storm – enough to put you off balance but not enough to break your sea legs – yet! Sort of makes your approach shot a bit of a challenge. The green is tucked away to the right with a bunker on the left. The green, by the way, is surrounded by some heavy bushes putting a premium on your second shot accuracy. Do well on either of these two holes and I think you have earned the right to brag! A couple of great and challenging holes !

Type:        Links course
Holes:          18
Par:             72
Grass:      Fairway – Kweek; Greens – Gulf green
Length:    Length: 6225m for the guys and 5367m for the gals


  • A well stocked golf shop
  • Golf lessons
  • Practice range(except Mondays)
  • Clubs for hire

    And close at hand you can find

    • Magnificent beaches
    • Watersport mecca
    • Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment Complex
    • Beachfront accommodation
    • Family entertainment
    • Oceanarium
    • Delightful restaurants
    • Port Elizabeth Airport & Harbour

    Wednesday and Saturday afternoons Men’s Competitions.
    Tuesday is for the Ladies’ competitions.
    Here’s a reason to try to be here on the first Wednesday of every month: It’s Open Day when all visitors may play at the member’s rate of R45.00 including competition fees.

    When you are through wrestling (I know! wrong sport:-) !)with the wind, sand traps, friendly meerkats, broody plovers and etc., there is the main bar alongside the middle lounge in the Club House which provides a “19th hole” with some spectacular views of the links course and Algoa Bay. After your round why not relax in the bar with drinks and snacks never too far away!

    The Wingfoot Bar and Dining Area is the ideal venue for celebrations, wedding receptions, business luncheons and dinners, seminars, prize-givings, etc. For those requiring conference facilities; an overhead projector, flipcharts and screens are on hand.

    If you want to build a tour around this Golf Course or add it to others,