Positive Focus Is Essential to Creating Life Abundance

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Being able to consciously direct your positive focus is an essential part of Creating Life Abundance. It’s part 2 of a “3-Step Process” that determines how Infinite Energy arranges itself in your experience.

The “3-Step Process”

Here’s the system order:

Perception (Part 1) – Focus (Part 2) – Vibrations (Part 3).

As you know, the way you perceive things literally shapes and creates your reality by influencing your focus. This is where Part 2 of the process comes into play. Your perception has a very strong influence on your focus, and your perception and focus work hand-in-hand to determine your vibrations.

The lens of perception.

An event can be interpreted as positive or negative, depending on your perception. Think of your perception as a lens through which you view the events of your life… both externally and internally. It affects the way you look at things; how you choose to interpret them.

Your focus, then, is where you choose to aim that lens – what you choose to view through it. As you know, where you place your attention (focus) has a strong influence on the nature of your thoughts. This is why perception and focus go hand-in-hand. If you perceive something as positive, your focus will be different than if you view that thing as negative. Positive focus creates positive vibrations, and therefore positive results… and as you’d expect, negative focus creates the opposite!

Positive Focus Is Essential to Creating Life Abundance

It’s always your choice.

The good news is that positive focus – like anything else – is a choice. Something might happen that we perceive as negative, but we can still choose positive focus in response. In other words, by adjusting our focus we avoid descending into negativity – and we empower ourselves in the process.

Adjusting our focus does not mean ignoring negative situations, or going “into denial” – far from it! What it means is that instead of finding things that we dislike about the situation, person, event – whatever it may be – we choose to focus on positive aspects of the situation, and on creating positive solutions. We choose to envision a positive outcome to the situation and take action to create it.

What’s more, in maintaining a positive focus even in negative situations we automatically adjust our perception to the positive as well.

Your Power of Concentration.

Learning to maintain positive focus comes down to working with your power of concentration. In most situations our mind’s tendency is to focus on whatever is “easiest” to pay attention to. For example, perhaps you are a bit short of cash for bills this month. As far as the mind and ego are concerned, it’s much easier to focus on “not being able to pay the bills” than to envision creating the money and taking action to manifest it.

The funny thing is, by choosing to focus on positive solutions and outcomes, we have the power to create positive results anytime we want. Your power of concentration makes this possible, and believe me – you have the power of concentration you need. Still, many of us don’t use it. So many times, we are conditioned to focus on the negative… what’s gone badly in the past, what’s going badly now, and what might go badly in the future. Often, adjusting to a positive focus in a negative situation doesn’t even occur to us. So we just get stressed out, sink into a “woe is me” mentality, and either sink further into the negative situation or just scrape through by the skin of our teeth.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Monitor your focus.

Try the following experiment – it’s good practice.

Be aware of your thought processes, and of how you’re feeling. Be diligent about it – the mind’s tendency is to slip off into daydreams, fantasy or random chatter at every opportunity. Just observe your thoughts, and notice what you focus on. Pay particular attention to situations that could be perceived as negative: someone cuts you off on the freeway; a client is rude to you; a deal falls through; your boss yells at you; a splashy news article announces a number of deaths in a train wreck; you have an argument with your partner or spouse… whatever applies to your own life.

In every one of our life situations, we have the choice of what to focus on. If we focus on the negative aspects of the situation – how terrible it is, how bad we feel – we not only do absolutely nothing to help the situation but we also add to the negative energy that surrounds it.

If, on the other hand, we focus on finding positive aspects of the situation – what we can learn from it, how we can envision and create the best solution possible – the energy surrounding the situation raises dramatically… and positive results will follow. It’s really very simple – but it sometimes takes concentration to break our old habits.

Keep it up!

Observe your thoughts, and practice shifting your focus to the positive whenever it’s necessary. Keep it up, and you will change your habits for the better. You will find that maintaining positive focus becomes second nature. This is the key to sending the right messages to Infinite Energy, as you’ll see in Step 3 of this process!