Pregnancy Picture – Record childhood memories…

All kids get excited when they see their mother’s pregnancy pictures. They get such a big kick seeing their mom’s belly when they were still inside. As parents, you would also enjoy reflecting this life-changing event. Unfortunately, some parents do not realise the fun of picture taking when they prepare for a new life.

Pregnancy is a great time to prepare for taking photos, and also to pick up your photographic skills. Do you think you would have time for experimenting with photography when your new baby arrives? Probably not.

Brushing Up Your Skills and Experimenting with Photography

u brush up your photographic skills before the arrival of your new born? Well, you can practice taking pictures of youngsters, like your neighbours’ kids, your nieces and nephews. They will give you invaluable experience in photographing children. What’s more, with the advent of digital cameras, you can take as many pictures as you like and easily erase them later.

If you are a first-time parent, do realise that photographing a child requires a different approach to taking vacation photos or scenic shots. This little preparation will help you to take great pictures of your child later.

So go get your digital camera, check your batteries (maybe get a few spare sets) and get acquainted with your camera. You do not want to wait until the baby is born, just to realise that your camera is not working, do you?

This is also a good time for you to learn how to upload your photos to you computers, where to share your picture online and where to get them printed.

Pregnancy Picture – What are the scenes worth taking?

On looking back, I sometimes regret that I have missed some good scenes for pregancy picture. I missed out the opportunity of recording my sons’ childhood memories. I hope you would not have to feel the same way as I do.

There are plenty of scenes for capturing pregnancy picture:

  • Shooting sequences that show the changes the mother is going through. Select a location, and take a pregnancy picture of the mother-to-be in the same pose every week. If the mother-to-be is standing up, the pregnancy will be more obvious. This is especially so during the first few months.
  • Taking pictures of a pregnant woman from the side or front, with mom’s hands resting on her belly. This can emphasize the change in her physique. Let the mom choose a pose she is more comfortable with, and stick with it to complete the seqence of pregnancy picture. You can also take pictures of her from different angles and position throughout the pregnancy.
  • Capture pictures of parents preparing for the new born. Record the moment when the dad is painting the baby’s room, mum unwrapping baby gifts from their friends or relatives, visit to the doctor, labour coach and pre-natal classes. These are all memorable images.
  • Group photos of mum with other new-mothers-to-be in the childbirth class. This is fun, especially if you follow them up with pictures of all the new mothers and their babies.
  • Take pictures of aunts, uncles, grand-parents with the mother-to-be when they pay a visit to you.
  • Capture the time with your older children. You can also take some pregnancy pictures of them with their hands on their mom’s belly, feeling the baby move, or helping to prepare for the arrival of the new born.
  • Use a tripod or ask your friends to help take a picture of you and your lovely wife.
  • Candid moments. Take pictures of those lighter moments of pregnancy, such as when mum has “pregnancy urges” and were eating ice-cream or potatoes chips.
  • Some mums like to knit booties during pregnancy. Those are adorable moments which you should not missed.
  • During pregnancy, many women look better as their skin glow and their faces radiant. It is an excellent time to shoot some family pictures. Record the mum-to-be’s beauty during pregnancy with close-ups of the mom’s face.
    Pregnancy Picture   Record childhood memories...

There is something that we could never emphasize enough – be sensitive to the mother’s feeling. If she’s is not feeling well, or she’s feeling particularly unattractive, it’s better to skip a pregnancy picture taking session or two until she’s feeling better.

Prepare Birth Announcements During Pregnancy

In the last two months of pregnancy, you can start preparing your birth announcements. If not, you will probably be too busy when the baby arrives.

Use your digital cameras to capture a few memorable shots, and shop for cards or even photo cards, create personalized messages.

Start checking out the picture sharing services and photo printing services. Decide ahead of time what type of announcement you’ll be sending, and how many.