Preparing Ourselves For His Coming Kingdom

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“Thy Kingdom Come”

Would you agree that it’s kind of difficult to witness that our God Is a God that can heal relationships, if our own relationships are not in right standing? Or better yet, that He can heal sickness and disease? Absolutely. Why? It is because if He is that kind of God, and we truly believe that He is, then how is it that we are still sick?

Yes, a relationship not in right standing is an ill relationship. By the same token, if you have remained a babe in Christ without growing into a child and from there to a son or daughter of God, then something is wrong. What would you think of a 21 year old who was still on milk? There should come a time in our lives when we are no longer on milk but eating meat and vegatables to sustain us.

The fact is, that God can heal your relationships, and He can cure you from sickness and disease. You can obtain your God-given purpose. And so because we ARE healed from sickness and disease, we have this testimony.

I have found that the difficulty in obtaining healing (or whatever you desire for that matter) does not lie in God’s ability (for there is nothing good that He cannot do), but in our willingness and faith to do our part according to His statutes. The reason I mentioned this is to bring up a point on our total lifestyle in reference to our health and wealth. Simply put, there are many sicknesses that hinder us from obtaining our God-given purpose. After all, how many people are strong enough to push past their illness? Why not just get rid of it?

Preparing Ourselves For His Coming Kingdom

Okay I hear you, easier said then done. But let me at least tell you where I’m going with this. Sickness doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a pattern, we call a “seed” that was planted long ago and guess what? It has sprouted and now, well, it has rooted deep into our hearts, minds and bodies.

In order to uproot it, we have to first recognize where it began. Secondly, make the steps to correct the problem. Doctors will often treat your symptoms, but it’s up to us to treat what caused the symptoms. Otherwise we’ll keep running into the same problems again and again.

Now I’d like to mention something about the circles in which we travel?

What about them? Well, we’re talking about correcting our problems right?. Believe it or not the circles in which we travel have a great influence on our lives. When I traveled in unhealthy circles, though my “mind set” believed I was healthy, I was not. Instead of me influencing those I would travel with, they actually had influenced me to join them in being unhealthy.

This resulted in a lot of unhealthy habits. Eating on the run, missing balanced meals, even missing meals for that matter. Going after the easy, quick and fast money rather than taking the time to commit and specialize in something that I truly loved to do.

Firstly, my mind wasn’t “set” on the things that God wanted for me, but was rather set on fulfilling my own pleasures and desires. Living for the now and not preparing for a long healthy and prosperous life.

After years of being unhealthy, (again I had no idea that I was) all of my unhealthy habits started to show up in my life. You know, failed relationships, job to job, the inability to commit to anything, and what I did commit to, it was hard for me to keep my word so it made me untrustworthy. Depressed because of unfulfilled dreams and lack of purpose. The bottom line resulted in just a total lack of focus. I just simply wasn’t feeding on the right things.

You’ve might of heard the saying, “the income determines the outcome.”

This proves true in a variety of ways and we can apply this saying to almost every aspect of our lives. What I’m saying is, what you put in is what you’re going to get out of it. If you show nothing but commitment to being healthy, what do you think you’ll receive in return?

Oh yeah, and just to let you know, ACTIONS speak louder than any words. It’s not merely enough just to say, “I want to live a long life”. We must also prove it with our actions (James 1:22, But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves).

It’s time to pay attention to what you’re feeding your mind daily. Who do you think the body follows? Let me start breaking this down for you by giving an example for our physical bodies in relations to being healthy.

Humans come from dirt; therefore, we must eat dirt to survive (i.e. Plants and animals also come from dirt, which is also their habitat). The same proves true for fish, which must eat of the sea. Now if our physical body doesn’t receive the nutrients it needs, which is in the source from which we are made and essential for survival, then it dies. In other words, if we only ate by-products, then sickness and disease would be the forewarnings of this perpetual problem.

The same holds true for our spirit and our soul as well.

If it isn’t feeding on what it needs to survive, it simply gets sick, and if it’s not re-connected with what it needs, it dies. Here it is important to note that our spirit comes from God, and therefore its survival is dependent upon the source from which it came.

By the same token, if our minds aren’t “renewed” in Christ then our “mind set” is focused upon and so thus receiving things that pertain to this world (which we know the world is temporal) such as selfish desires and lusts, and not the things that pertain to God (which are eternal) such as love, faith, and hope.

Actually it’s kind of sad now that I think back, not realizing that my spirit was sick. My very relationship with the One who has given life was ill. I really wasn’t aware of that fact until some time after my body became diseased. After all of this time of neglecting God and what He wanted for me, was I now to blame Him for letting me get deathly ill? Yet this is what most people do all the time without realizing it.

Don’t you think it’s ironic how we want God to be there for us when we need Him, but we feel we have no obligation to be there for Him? Truth is we need Him all the time and not only in times of trouble. I’ve heard people say, “Why me?” Or, “if God is supposed to be love, then how could He take away what I love the most?” (Which is usually in reference to the loss of a loved one). And the saga continues.

Because of His grace, however, He doesn’t give up on us. He continues to find ways to get our attention so that our focus is where it should be. Which is on Him and not on us.

Today I am healed and there’s no doubt in my mind that it was my God who healed me. He allowed me to go through a series of illnesses so that He could take His rightful position in my life. When you’re sick, you realize that most of the things you felt were important, really wasn’t important at all.

To be truly healthy and wealthy takes a commitment. It takes focus. It means actively working hard to create new habits. Through sickness and disease I have learned that God knows best – Even when we believe we know what’s best for us.