Preparing the DELF and the DALF

Expect to spend 100 hours preparing for one DELF or DALF paper. Each Diploma, each Unit can be taken independently. These Exams are open to everybody, everywhere. If you have a good command of French, you may be exempted from taking DELF Stage 1 or from taking DELF stage 1 and 2 before sitting for DALF, provided you pass a Qualifying Test. Where to Prepare for DELF / DALF

Access more information on french examinations DELT and DALF or, contact your nearest Alliance Francaise or French Embassy for more details on French examinations, or try If you are studying in France, ask in your College about French examinations (FLE).

Preparing the DELF and the DALF

DELF Diploma – Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française

- includes 4 papers covering basic competencies in French (FLE).

DALF testifies that you can communicate in French in everyday situations.

DELF STAGE 2 requirements

  • you sit for 2 papers at Intermediate-Level French (FLE)
  • You should show proof of a general knowledge of French Civilisation
  • You should have basic knowledge of French Technical Terms in your chosen field of specialization.